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    Louisiana is now one of eleven states that rejected the Dept. of Homeland Security's (what security) REAL ID , which is the federal identification card program. They warn that the residents from states that do not comply will not be able to use their drivers license to board planes and will have to use other means of transportation. TOTAL BULLSH@T. This is latest attempt to put tracking chips in ID's to know where you are at all times, not just when you fly, but all times. This information will be based on info from, of all sources, the dept of motor vehicles! I would not want that bunch of idiots in touch with all that sensitive information. I say way to go Louisiana for not caving in to the threats of big brother.[​IMG]
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    I sure wish Texas would do the same thing. Who wants to fly on those old planes that they aren't mantaining properly? Way to go Lousiana! They got first hand info on how thw govt helps.
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    Just one of the steps the US is asking us to take for our "Security".

    C'mon, be one of the sheeple won't yea ?????

    Trust us, we're here to help you. Really we are. taser1
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