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Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by marlas1too, Apr 19, 2016.

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    A FRIEND OF MINE ASKED ME A QUESTION THAT WAS HARD TO ANSWER SO DON'T HATE ME. WAS ASKED IF TWO MEN OR 2 WOMEN WERE A COUPLE AND THAT THERE WAS NO SEX BUT ALL THEY WANTED WAS COMPANIONSHIP AND A LIFE TOGETHER WITH LOVE FOR EACH WAS THAT WRONG. WELL I WAS raised up to never judge others and to never make fun of others ,to love one other and not to hate so it was hard to answer I said people have to love someone and you never know when your heart will tell you to love someone even if its someone of your own sex and sex is so overrated that if there is no sex then what’s the problem. I try to help people all the time and I try so very hard not to hate anyone but there are times I can't help it.there are so many out there that hate and condemn others when they should clean the their own house sorry for the caps on the front of this post and sorry if I offended anyone
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    First of all, it's difficult to believe that anyone here would hate you.

    Secondly, it's my belief that what happens between consenting adults and their lifestyle is their business.

    That said, and strongly preferring a heterosexual lifestyle for myself, I will adamantly resist any pressure to change. This attitude is often mistakenly thought of as hatred perpetrated against those who choose other than a heterosexual way of life. It is not.

    I'll leave it at that because this subject, I feel, really isn't appropriate for a prepper forum.
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    Sex or no sex is not my business. Do I hate homosexuals? No. But I do strongly dislike the concept that I have to treat them special. I have had gay people in my life. They were normal people, just like me. The gay people in my life didn't expect to be treated different, they didn't act any different then the hetero couples. I never thought it was wrong. It just was. But now, now adays the gay agenda has IMO destroyed the acceptance that people had. The in your face, bow to our life style, we are protected, the way they flaunt things is just unsettling. I feel bad for the normal gay people that just want to be and live their lives. I probably didn't explain it correctly but there is a difference.
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    Well, in my neck of the woods, everyone just kind of assumes that anyone spending that much time together is bumping uglies. And to be frank, I find the concept of an...asexual same gender nonromantic(?) partnership(?) a bit confusing from a logistical standpoint, I don't see any reason to give a rats...
    Did you have a question, or an issue, or something you needed a bit more help on, amigo? Cause that OP was more of a statement, but you sound like you need a hand with something.
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    There is a good case to be made for the companionship angle. Different recipes, assisting with moving furniture, some one around to remind you that it's time for meds, and a different voice to listen to other than your own, shared living expenses. The older the pair, the more that applies.

    One more reason to avoid assumptions, there's just no way to tell, and (as you say) no reason to care, either.

    Personally, I don't care one way or another who keeps company with who. Just don't ask me to give special consideration to the choice. A male that wants to be treated as a female (or vice versa) is barking up the wrong tree here.
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    I don't hate Oregon. I'd say a strong dislike. :D
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    Got too many of my own problems to deal with to worry about others who aren't hurting anybody else.

    Involve children, animals, or anything non-consentual and its a whole different thing.
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  8. Yard Dart

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    All should be able to live their lives in the manner they want to, regardless of what others may think ...


    That was my first response..... LOL.
    Though I strongly dislike Portland libs as much as the Seattle ones...... ;)
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    It is the same with me... But, I'm in agreement with @Altoidfishfins, that
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  11. chelloveck

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    Marlas, I respect your courage and integrity in raising this as an issue. I am not quite certain why it might be a subject to be explored in a F&R forum, unless your friend was asking from a F&R perspective, as some LGBTQI folk might, if their gender or sexual identity is at odds with their own affiliated religious faith.

    My answer comes from the perspective of an ethical humanist. The answer to your question is in the wording of your country's Declaration of Independence....


    Loving the one you're with (regardless of sexuality or gender identity) is at the core of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Provided the couple is legally competent to give consent, and that both grant genuine mutual consent, then that is all that matters. There is nothing wrong with that, despite what others may perhaps feel about the matter. No greater standard of public deportment and conduct should be required of LGBTQI folk than may be required, or expected of people who follow customary hetero-normative mores and folkways.

    Unfortunately, some people feel justified in hating LGBTQI folk, and don't require any sound, logically rational reason for doing so. Some will appeal to sacred texts to justify their attitudes or actions. That is just the nature of the beast. Fortunately, for every pharisaic fundamentalist interpretation of the texts, there will also be texts and quotes that can be appealed to by progressive elements of the same faith tradition. If religious faith is important to your friends, they might be best served by belonging to those sects and congregations that value them as human beings rather than as broken, perverted, sinners.

    I sense in you a degree of perplexity in reconciling conflicting views concerning homosexuality, and acceptance within the community which exists in a largely hetero-normative world. The good news is that you intuitively know that it is wrong to hate such people for who they are, and that your friends are fortunate that you accept them as they are, rather than as objects of pity or revulsion.

    Were that there were more people like you.
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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as they are not hurting anyone and it is between them. And, sex? Why not? They are consenting adults, hurting no one and it is none of my business how they live their lives.

    @Motomom34 Nope, you explained it perfectly and I am in total agreement with every word.

    @chelloveck Well said!
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    The vast majority of Oregon agrees. Though, I hate the Portland libs worse as I have to foot the bill for their shocking stupid.

    Oh, and I love every freaking inch of this stupid state. Stockholm syndrome I suspect.
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    I was just a little confused with my friends question and was just looking for some answers BUT I don't need a hand for anything I'm just saying from the way I was raised every one needs to have someone to love as love comes easy and hate is learned
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    Hey chel, what does the QI stand for, at the end of LGBTQI?
  16. Motomom34

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    Sounds like you know the answer. Love is love, it happens. There are different levels and types, IMO we all do not need to fit in the same box. Variety is what makes us interesting. It reads like you have been raised with an accepting nature. You are very correct that hate is learned.
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  18. chelloveck

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    Q = Queer Queer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I = Intersex Intersex - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Both terms, and the folk who choose to be identified by those descriptive labels, are recognitions that sexuality (homosexuality / heterosexuality) are not a simple inflexible binary; but that sexuality constitutes a cluster of sexual orientations and inclinations and that one's place in that cluster is on a continuum, which may be subject to a certain degree of my best inexpert explanation.

    This is particularly so in the case of folk who identify as queer, who do not see themselves as exclusively in any specific category.

    Intersex folk, generally are self identified as being a marginalised minority in society, and have more in common with the struggles of LGBT folk than may be the case with hetero normative, cis male and cis female gendered folk; who, themselves, enjoy the virtually unquestioned privileged position of being members of the hetero-conforming, cis gendered, majority in society.

    The question is a pertinent one in the context of Love and Hate, and I thank you for asking it.

    Edit: The sad fact is that in far too many instances there are those who love to hate LGBTQI folk for who they are (and for who they are not (heterosexual/ cis gender conforming) and there are also too may who hate to love people LGBTQI folk as fellow human beings. Fortunately there are enough folk who do recognise LGBTQI folk as fellow humans worth loving, and that it will make a growing and enduring difference to humanity. One can not only just hope, but also work in that direction.
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    thank you all for your answers now after reviewing all I know(i think) the answers to my friends question
    thank you all and may the great spirit protect you and yours----yes I'm native american indian===my blessing to you
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  20. TailorMadeHell

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    I had a buddy that put it rather nicely. First a description of my buddy. Over 6' tall, broad of shoulders, blond surfer hair and blue ocean eyes. He did his duty as a Devil Dog, is a pilot of any plane there is and has a Masters in aerodynamics as well as astrophysics. He is gay and enjoys that aspect of his life. He stated, "I am not a gay man. I'm a man that has gay sex." And we were in agreement that those who push their self-righteousness, be it anti or pro gay, are a waste of oxygen. Not everyone has to share your beliefs and if they don't it doesn't make them any less of a person. The only drawback to being gay is if you happen to find yourself in need of a group for survival and the only ones you can find are those anti-gay ones. Though I would suggest starting now to find a group that wouldn't turn you away because your "traveling buddy" also happens to be your husband. Would be a sad story to be turned away because you can't be open or that you waited until SHTF to find open minded people.
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