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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by rictus, Nov 6, 2010.

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    I doubt that many of us are willing, even if we had the $, to devote all that much $ or time to shtf preps, because, basically, we just don't believe it'll happen, or at least, not real soon. For those with some time and desire, but not much money, I suggest a dugout near your town or city's largest water source. As long as it has trees for cover, it will suffice. If your digging, etc, is done at night, without showing a light, it won't matter whose land it is, but in the interest of staying legal, look first for National Park, State Park, City Park, Bureau of Land Management land. Then look for utility-owned land (RR companies, mining, paper, lumber, you know, places where people rarely go.

    Start with a hole not much bigger than a grave. Sorry, but it's all that's feasible, really. It will take nearly a week of nights to create just that, and discretely dispose of the dirt. Another week of nights will be needed to cache the 55 gal drums of food and gear. This is a lot, but when you figure that it saves the need of an SUV and tons of risk involved in trying to go a long ways after shtf, a bit of work is no big deal.

    If you do this, you've got a place to go, and you can reach it by bicycle, or maybe even on foot, in one night of travel. If you stay in the dugout, emerging only at night, and only to get water and dispose of wastes, you will be most unlikely to have any confrontations with desperate people. That means that you won't need to spend thousands of $ on guns, ammo, and training with same. Just a $50, used Marlin 22 autorifle and a pocketable 9mm will suffice.

    If you go 4-6 feet down, the temp in the lower 48 states supposedly stays between 40 and 80 degrees F. That is a big help. A hole that is 3'x3'x9' is all you need. You will have little to do, if shtf, but enlarge the hole, anyway. :) This big a hole will be a lot of work, and you'll have to shore it up for long term viability. Look into plastic or fiberglass, because wood rots. Treated wood may be good for a decade, if it's not too wet in your area.
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    You left out, the neat swimming pool you'll have the first time it rains.
  3. chelloveck

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    A cunning and deviuous plan

    Don't be too worried Slugo.....the coffin probably floats...all he has to do is smelt the lead lining and cast some slugs for the 9mm....quite a good plan actually lol ; )
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    With any luck, it will collapse on you the first day and spare you the misery of living like a ill-equiped groundhog.
  5. ikean

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    some people still live in dugouts in New Mexico.Saw a dude coming out of on in the middle of a pasture.Poor dude, his pasure and stock...just poor.
  6. Hispeedal2

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    Well, let's see.......

    People, in general, aren't meant to live underground and come up only at night. There is also the problem of everyone without their own land that wants to get out of a city will set up a tent on top of your "dugout". How large of a dugout would it take to store all your preps, tools, etc? Do you think the park service or rail road company will notice the back hoe you drove in to build such a dug out?

    The time spent on such an endeavor could probably be spent doing legitimate work. That work could lead to cash flow. In turn, that cash flow could lead to a 5 acre lot.... 5 acres in the right place is relatively inexpensive. Then you have something to work with... like logs. For maybe a small cabin.... which is far above a rat hole in my book. In fact rats much prefer houses to holes in the ground too ;)
  7. Seawolf1090

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    My camo dome tent protects ME and my gear, is long paid for, and is portable - I can move to a different spot each night and avoid the Golden Horde and angry landowners or Goobermint types who take exception to folks digging up their property.

    Just sayin'.....

    And yes, this feller has propounded this idea before on several other forums...... just before he ends up getting banned.
  8. rictus

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    Tough what people are "meant for". They aint meant for killing, either, but millions are killed every year. Many thousands of Viet Cong lived exactly as I suggest, for many years straight, while being hounded by modern armies, bombers, choppers, etc. You won't have to worry about that. Staying above ground is a big risk, as is moving about in daylight. Run that risk if you like, the crows need something to eat.
  9. rictus

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    5 acres = $10,000 in most areas, if the land is worth a hoot. If you can clear even $5k in 2 weeks of work, great for you, but I doubt that anyone like that reads this sort of forum. :) All you get with property is taxes, and people being able to find you easily. Bad idea.
  10. rictus

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    Maybe you can't figure out how to shore up such a dugout, but anyone with a brain should be able to do so. Ditto figuring out the water table, and how and where to stay above it. The VC managed to do so, in a jungle environment, but then they were intellligent.
  11. Pax Mentis

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    A much better choice than this guy's hole in the ground on land one has no (pre-SHTF) legal justification for digging is a gold claim in federal wilderness area.

    One can maintain a trailer/RV, a shed for storage and numerous supply caches on a 40 acre claim. One of ours even has a historical cabin (can't live in it pre-SHTF, but you can store what will be needed to make it habitable on the property). There is even a chance (slim) that the patent process will be reopened and one will be able to obtain actual deeded ownership.

    In my area, a "recreational" claim of 40 acres can be purchased for around $1K or, with a little research, you can stake one yourself for around $100. I am currently negotiating for a 160 acre claim about 30 miles from us that has an asking price of $3500 and contains the junction of 2 year round creeks. Maintaining a claim requires filing certification of 10 hours of "improvement" a year or the payment of $140 per year.

    We own a good piece of property with 2 houses (one has not been used for 10 years, but I have kept it easily restroed to use) that is our primary plan, but the claims make excellent backups in addition to acting as hunting camps and providing small amounts of gold since my son is a recreational miner.
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    "Preparation" is all about living and thriving, NOT hiding all day in a rude hole in the ground. Those 'smart' VC had the entire US military machine on their backs. Granted they did very well, considering.
    Do you really WANT to spend your life living that way?
    Prep NOW so you do not have to.
    A loner is dead meat in any true long term SHTF scenario.
    We prep with friends and family of like mind. Then one can LIVE, not just exist. It's called civilization.
  13. Flip853

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    EXACTLY!!!!!! If you can't live life there's no reason to live. [applaud]
  14. RouteClearance

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    Rictus, you think just like Saddam Hussein, this is the actual hole he was hiding in

    Now this was the result of him being found
    w2. saddam20061230.
  15. Hispeedal2

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    Couldn't have said it better myself RC [winkthumb]

    As New Hampshire says- "Live Free Or Die"

    Rictus- so far every post you have posted here has been about free rides, basically stealing, and a doomsday scenario where everyone else is dead and you take their gun parts. I am seeing a recurring trend that is not the norm here. I am curious if you are troll account for some frequent user here that wants to stir things up.
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    [applaud] I just gotta say that living in a hole in the ground isn't exactly what I would call "prepping". But then again, neither is stealing, although some seem to think that would be a viable way of life. Seems to me that would be a good way to get yourself DRT ...
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    Oh Man, I should not have taken a big swig of my drink before reading that.
  18. Nadja

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    Excellent advise Sir.
  19. Nadja

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    Highspeedal. We here in N.E. Arizona would gladly welcome people like you back to our little hidy spot up here. Well said
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    Don't agrre but...

    Okay I don't agree with digging on someone else's property or living in a hole. That said, I have been wondering about storing some food out of the house in case when TSHTF and people start going hungry they may get into my house but not get all my provisions. I've thought of the underground cache but don't quite think it viable. Are there any other options?
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