Gear Review LuminAID Solar-Powered Inflatable Light

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by smithcp2002, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. smithcp2002

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    image. image.
    Spotted on a show and thought I would try it out. Drain down test tonight after two full days of charging.
    You can get two different ones now, one LED or two LED, $25 and $28.
    The single light has high (8-10hours) and low (14-16 hours) no lumen spec on this one. Red LED charge indicator. This light has a Give A Light Project, you buy one and pick a partner organizations. That is all the information at comes with it.
    The double LED has four settings high (8 hours, 45 lumens), medium (10 hours, 35 lumens), low (16 hours, 20 lumens) and flash (32 hours, 20 lumens). Claims 10,000 hours life time, waterproof and floats, IPX-7 1m rating. PVC-free. Red LED charge indicator.
    Both inflate with a bite valve that took me about 8 good puffs to fill.
    I thought they would be good in BOBS and vehicles.
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  3. hamsurvivor

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    Pretty cool will have to look into. Thanks!
  4. smithcp2002

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    Test done, left the one LED lights in a dark room for 12 hours after two days of charge, two light has been in going for five days in a room that has sunlight every day. Good soft light to move by and not seen for a long distance. Ordered the multi colored on just for fun.
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    I've been waiting to see these in use,pretty cool,not much sunshine around here to depend on though.
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    I picked up a small inflatable solar lantern. I got it at Survival Frog, here is a description I found on Amazon-
    61qL2T380XL._SL1083_. : Agooding Inflatable and Collapsible LED Solar Lantern White Without Batteries : Sports & Outdoors

    It is light and compact plus gives great light. I do not think it will hold up or stay working as long as @smithcp2002's Luminaid. The Luminaid seems to have a heavier plastic. The solar panel on the Luminaid also looks sturdier. Time and use will tell how long these solar inflatables will last.
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