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    Wifee has been rocking these for many years and loves them. She wears the paper thin minimalist ones for everyday wear and for running on the road and the heavier duty ones for heavier for everyday and heavier duty running, like on the trails. She swears by them.

    I have tried a bunch of different brands from Keen, Ecco, Bedrock to Chaco.

    Keens are close to shoes, really comfortable. But the soles are slippery, both on urban surfaces and the trail I have fallen on the trail with these.

    Ecco's are super comfortable, but to me, urban wear.

    Bedrocks are getting to the minimalist mode. The soles are hard and the edges scrape. I think my toes may be too long for their template as my toes pads rub the edges and after a while, it hurts. Same for my wife. And the heel strap always comes off, making the sandal want to come off.

    The Chacos also did not fit me well and the soles were thick.

    Mono 2.0

    Luna Mono 2

    They are the most comfortable of the minimal sandals to me. And the heel strap has never come off while I was wearing them. The footbed is comfortable as are the straps. I haven't noticed slipping yet. So far, I have put in about 25 miles or so on them, but not on the trail yet. Also did a few hours of tai chi in them. For a minimalist type sandal, I like these the best so far. The only minor dislike is that when your feet and/or the footbed gets wet, it will squeak a little. But it is open are so dries out quickly, which is a great reason to wear them, or at least pack them on the trail and/or camping. Airing out the feet is a big thing. And I would not be adverse to just walking through a stream with these rather than rock hopping.

    I follow up after I get them on the trail.
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    Source, and general idea of prices. Please.
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    I posted a link to Luna. It’s $95 there.
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    An old tire, an old inner tube and you, never mind. I just drifted back a haff century. :rolleyes:
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    She doesn't twist her ankle in those? Does her toes stay in place? I used to wear Tevas and they had more straps to secure my foot.
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    She is more likely to sprain an ankle wearing shoes, like she did a couple of weeks ago. And toes stay in place.

    I wore Tevas many years ago too. Luna's are more comfortable, less slippery and you can feel the ground better.
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    Was out when the weather turned nasty last night.

    The Luna sandals held up great. Ran home. It was quite wet. Went through grassy hills as well as roads. No slippage on wet grass or wet concrete. And my feet were firmly on the footbed. Fortunately, I was only a mile from home. Came home drenched. At least I was dressed for water in my board shorts. ;)

    When I put them on this morning, there was still dried grass stuck to it, but the sandals, including the straps, were all dry.
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    The boy said it was stormy there Friday. Thunder and lightning. [afro]
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    Big thunderstorms last night too. Wifee was worried that she wouldn’t get to run today.

    When I took the dog for our morning walk, the African snails were out in force.
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    The east side of Oahu. There was massive flooding on Kauai yesterday too.
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    Wow, look at those water falls, Kauai is my fav next to the Big Island.

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    There’s beauty in everything. Sometimes even destruction.
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