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    I like sandals. Over the years, I have tried all different brands, from Keen (comfortable, but slippery), Ecco (comfortable, but not for trail), Crocs (comfortable, but back in the day I would not trust on the trail), Teva (slippery on the trail), Bedrock (was not comfortable on my feet and the strap kept slipping off), Shamma (pretty comfortable, strap stays on, but the one I got is more everyday wear with no grippy tread), and Luna.

    Luna Sandals have been the most comfortable for me. And I wear them on the trail especially around water. And even if I wear shoes, I would take sandals to change into if and when my shoes get soaked. I just retired my last pair to backup duty in my truck. The ball of the foot area is worn down to 1mm. Ironically, they are at their most comfortable and still get street wear.

    My new pair of Luna Oso's are very comfortable and have a very good tread. They are about as stable as my Altra trail runners. Wore them on the muddy trail on our anniversary hike.

    Get sandals. Air out the feeties! While I have hiked in slippers (flip flops) before, I do not recommend it. Heck, as I kid, I even played football and basketball in slippers. Also not recommended.
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    Good info ,,always good to air out the feeties ,,,my feets have gotten a whole lot more tender since I was a kid ,, today ,, I'd barely chance walking across the yard ,, soon as I hit the dirt I'd be hurtin ,,,the beach sand might be a little different ,,
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    I have a lifetime of going bare feet or with minimal foot covering. And I like it like that. Supposed to be healthier than in shoes all the time.

    One way to "pravtice" this is to adapt the Asian way of taking off your shoes in your house. Or further, having bare feet in your house. You may find it uncomfortable at first, but over time, I bet your feet and the other connective tissues in your lower extremities will get stronger and more flexible.
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    I did a lot of bare footed traveling into my late teens ,, and ,,, that was the end of it ,, now'a'days ,, traveling out into the great outdoors could get pretty painful ,, but .. I'm getting ready to be in an area where I can do some barefoot traveling and work on toughening up my feet , if my newly broke foot can handle it ,,, 1 step forwards ,, 2 steps back ,,, always seems to be some kind of hindrance ,,, thank you for the push forward,,,
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