Lunch today ( My thoughts on eating Barley)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 45ACP, Oct 10, 2012.

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    OK it's early but for me, it's lunch time. I had made a big pot of Bean & Barley soup over the weekend and that got me thinking. I've used Barley in stews and soups but had never eaten it as a stand alone dish. So that's what I had for lunch.

    I cooked up about a half cup of regular whole barley and ate it . I was surprised at how good it was. Good being a relative word here ... It was kinds bland, but nowhere near as bland as say, white rice or oatmeal. There was a very slight earthy taste (no, not "dirt") and an interesting texture, almost like a soft puffed wheat feel to it.

    I wouldn't want to eat just Barley as a meal but as a side dish with some herbs or gravy it'd be pretty good. With some meat thrown in it'd be even better.

    With a little milk and honey it might even make a good cereal, cold or hot.

    Got a favorite recipie you'd mind sharing ?
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    Lol, totally off topic but when i read the title to your post i was laughing so hard i had to show my wife-her rabbit is named barley and i joke all the time we are gonna cook him.

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    I've got some nice rabbit recipies...
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    Please share your rabbit recipes and squirrel if you have some.
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    I read it and thought It's a little early for a brew.
    Beer at lunch has never been safe.
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