M-67 Immersion Heater

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    I was reading an interesting article on Prepping Reality Check - The Prepper Journal The last thing that the article talked about was a M-67 Immersion heater. I do not think I have heard of these. The more I read the better these heaters sounded. I am wondering if anyone has ever used these and it they really are a good investment? M-67 Immersion heaters are running over $100 on e-bay.

    Here is an article on the uses of:

    More innovative uses for surplus immersion heaters

    Here is a video of one-
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  2. rjburk

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    ate a lot of c rations heated by those...
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    "I am wondering if anyone has ever used these and it they really are a good investment?"

    we put them in a metal garbage can...........filled the can up with the main dish of C rats.........
    added water to cover the cans.........ran the heaters until the water boiled......
    you had to keep the cans under water or they blew up.
    you also had to let the water cool a little before removing the cans or they might pop
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  4. Motomom34

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    I have a metal garbage can. This device heats lots of water at a time plus can use a variety of fuels.
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    Not so sure that link was to more innovative uses, but that trailer thing sure does one up the M67.
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  8. Cruisin Sloth

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    I can see 50$ on a test , but E-bay has them at over 150 & they are rusty !!
    Id go with the 50 test & see.

    Add this would be for my pool , I have cold connans
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    The link was of general interest re the evolution of military cooking in the Australian Army. The Wiles Jnr Trailer (featured in the pics) is mentioned in the mp3 podcast.
  10. chelloveck

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    I'm sure that there's a fancy French name for Zh!t on a Shingle too. ;)
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