M1-A or Ruger Scout 308 HELP

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by irayone, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. irayone

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    I am looking at two firearms, the Ruger gunsite Scout and the M1-A

    The M1 has a 22 in barrel 1;10 ratio 10 rd clip gas operated semi auto 308.
    The Scout 16.5 in barrel 1;10 rd clip bolt action 308.
    1.Is the bolt action more accurate?
    2.Can the Scout accomplish the same 1000yrd range? Or is 16.5 in barrel for urban tactics.
    3. Will the gas operation recoil be easier to handle?
    4. Are the Feds going to outlaw semiautos?
    5. Is the picanny rail too far forward on the scout?
    If someone has the info on these two firearms please advise.
  2. tacmotusn

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    You have already pointed out the obvious. The bolt gun, even though a quality Ruger has given up extended long range accuracy for close range urban house clearing capability. The Ruger scout would manuver better in confined areas, but I am not impressed by a bolt gun for that function. In ranges of 600 plus yards are to be considered I would lean towards the M-1. If that Ruger had a 22 to 26 inch barrel and a scope meant for longer ranges it would be acceptable for making bad guys chill and become good guys at those long ranges also.
    So it all depends on your preferences and what you intend to use the rifle for.
  3. VisuTrac

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    another thing to consider is Magazine cost.
    Ruger 30.00 for 10 rd mag.
    M14/M1A 27 for 20 rd mag. 31 for a 25rd mag.

    That could make a difference.
  4. oldawg

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    If you are talking about the M1-A as in the semi auto only civilian version of the M-14 I have one of the first ones out of Geneseo,Ill. It is as rugged as the M-14s we carried in the early 60's. Reliable,damn accurate. and still many surplus parts out there.It doesn't use a clip as a M1 garand but 20 rd detachable magazines. 5 and ten rounders are also available for places that require them. I've had the same Bomar mount on mine since the middle 70's and currently use a Leopold 6X9X40 glass and the rifle is far more accurate than I am.In my younger days it regularly rang the steel at 800 yds. which is the longest range we had access to. The M-14 has been re issued for use,I believe, in the sand box .A testament to it's ability. JMHO
  5. irayone

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    Thanks for the advise. I guess I just had to hear it from the experts.
    My choice is the M1-A. I will just have to learn it's short range capabilities.
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  6. oldawg

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    It uses the 7.62X51 cartridge. Anyone walking in front of that round near or far ceases to be a threat. Once used to the bit of extra length and heft it is plenty handy. You might also look around for an E2 stock which if I remember shortens the rifle by 8 inches. Gas operation also allows faster follow up on target.
  7. Tikka

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    It has plenty. ;)
  8. munchie3409

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    Owning both...it's just like everything else in life...there are pros and cons to each system.

    I don't have any M1A anymore, but that doesn't mean it's not a solid choice.

    I just picked up my GSR about a month ago to use as my light weight hunting rifle. I've always liked the scout concept and my rifle has a 2.5x optic...it's perfect for deer and bear hunting, which was why I bought the rifle. I have other rifles that will out shoot it any day of the week, but I don't have a hunting rifle that's as compact and light as the GSR.

    If your choice isn't for a primary rifle...I say the GSR is what I would buy over the M1a.

    If this will be your primary rifle...the M1A is a good choice since it's semi auto.
  9. Cephus

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    Short range capabilities is it .Don't know you are what your capabilities are or how long you have been shooting .But this weapon can be very accurate out to 750 yds and maybe a little more .

    I'm old so walking through the woods is not as easy as used to be ,I made myself a deer rifle from an old 303 brit and cut the barrel down to just legal and it will hold about a 6" group out to 700 yds .But if that is short range capability then maybe what your looking for is a 50 BMG or a 338 Lapua .
    The M-14 was one of the finest weapon I ever fired and that is a fact !! Rant over I'll my BP meds now .
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  10. PapaSasquatch

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    As an FYI, the rumored limit of the 308 cartridge of 800 yards needs to go away. The cartridge can and has done 1 mile hits (see magpul art of precision rifle; this trailer talks about when they do mile hits with 308...see :22 to :35 seconds discusses that part of the video) out of an AR in 308. Yep, 18" quality barrel (suppressed even!) semi-auto after about 5 attempts. It's ALL in the shooter's abilities. The cartridge still has ~850 FPS at 1609 meters (mile) with that 180 grain bullet so it's gonna kill a man.

    Having said that, might as well add the myth that 'barrel length determines accuracy' to the fray of falsehoods. In regards to the 308 cartridge in a 16" barrel with the appropriate twist rate, it will be 100% as accurate as the 18 or 20 inch barrels. The only shortcoming with the shorter barrels is that you lose modest velocity every inch. A 16" 308 will do fine out to 800 yards. All things being equal (AR10 16" vs. AR10 20"), the shooter can make both guns do the same thing at their optimal distances (800 yds?)..might have to come up a mil to compensate for the quicker drop of the slower bullet.

    Not trying to be a nerd on a soap box here, I just thought I'd help eliminate some rumors when they pop up. Call me a nerd 'sitting' on a soap box.

    As to the OPs question, just get a VEPR in .308 at 16.5" barrel and use the rest of the savings on ammo! :) Handsome stock, pistol/thumbhole grip, AK action, heavily reinforced THICK receiver, trunion, and hammer forged barrel...can't go wrong for 8 bills!
  11. Gunny Highway

    Gunny Highway Hard Work and Sacrifice blessed by God's Grace

    right tool for the right job my Dad always told me....sidearm, a carbine a shotgun, a rifle - thay all have their place. Personally while I like my DIY Scout rifles a marlin 336 .30-30 lever action ( " lever action repeaters - the original assault rifle " ) I will probably convert another of my rifles to that configuration once I take possession of the sweet SAVAGE .308 shipped in from Alabama.....
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  12. irayone

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    M1-A Thanks

    To All.... Thanks for the great advise. I will research all your comments. The GSR looks great as well..... Now I am realy confused.
  13. VisuTrac

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    No confusion necessary.
    Buy either one.
    You'll learn how to shoot it well and what it likes as fodder to eat.
    You'll be happy just the same in the end.
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  14. Silversnake

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  15. VisuTrac

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    Most of us monkeys here don't have any guns. If anything we have old Polaroids of what we use to own.

    I've found out that most monkeys are really poor boatsmen and foolishly lost our weapons at the bottom of glacial lakes, blue holes and out at sea.

    I lost mine in the river, by the time i found them, the spring floods had turned 'em into pretzels. Now i just have a baseball bat for protection.

    such is the life of a monkey.
  16. BTPost

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    Yep, It is amazing that we haven't had any Drowned Monkeys, considering the number of boating accidents, that we have had, over the years. Especially considering that most of their arsenals were lost, when the accidents happened.
    ..... OPSec.... YMMV....
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  17. Cephus

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    Never let a Monkey be the capt.of your boat ,they really suck at the job!!!! LMAO
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  18. irayone

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    Scout Extended eye relief scope

    I have never used an extended eye releif scope. It seems more than 11 inches away from the eye. Can anyone give me advise regarding this forward site set up? It seems that there would be light intrusion. If the scope is moved back you have to remove the rear sight and you bang the scope with your hand when the bolt action is used??????
  19. VisuTrac

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    Us monkeys float pretty good.
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  20. Gunny Highway

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    I use a Leupold mounted over the XS Ghost Ring sights on it. I will see if I can locate it on the bottom of Lake Shasta...
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