M16/M4 Gas Blocks

Discussion in 'Sadlak Industries' started by RightHand, Dec 21, 2006.

  1. RightHand

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    We manufacture these for a several firearms companies and are now offering them as part of our product line.

    M16/M4 Gas Block
    Low Profile - Ultra Light - Precision Bore
    Available from Stock
    • 4140 Chrome-Moly Steel
    • .7500+.0005 Precision Bore
    • Manganese Phosphate Finish
    • Includes Knurled Point Set Screws (Made in USA)
    • Fits all Standard M16/M4 Barrels made to USGI Specs .7495-.0007 Dia.
    • Weight 1.5 oz
    Suggested Retail Price: $ 24.90
  2. TailorMadeHell

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    Okay, I'll be the unknowing one and post the question. What's it do? Never seen anything like this before. Then again there's a lot that I don't know. Haha.
  3. ghrit

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    Somewhat oversimplified, there is a hole in the barrel that lets combustion gas into the gas tube to cycle the action. The gas block goes over the hole and redirects the gases down the gas tube. The one in these pictures doesn't have a front sight on it as "standard" military rifles do. More or less, anyway.
  4. RightHand

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    The photo has a flip up sight behind the gas block on top of the rail. I put the Trijicon on for the photo but I took other photos with the sight up. I'll post those sometime in the next few days.
  5. Blackjack

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    I'll "One-Up" you Tailor. I hate to sound dense, especially since I'm an AR owner, but.......

    If I understand (and I don't), it takes the gas that would go into the tube and puts it in the tube? I don't get it. [​IMG]Sorry. Not even really a need to explain it's functioning as much as what it accomplishes. Less recoil? Better cycling? what?
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