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    I recently got my M1911 back from my brother-in-law and went and fired it. However, one of my new 1911 7 round clips got stuck. The last time I disassembled a M1911 was in 1993 with my USAR unit. Does anyone have the disassembly procedures down?
  2. TexasAggie

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    Thanks, but whn I push the clip release button, nothing happens.
  3. limpingbear

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    I would say, lock the slid open and use a wooden dowel to push down on the mag while holding the release button.
  4. I agree this could work

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  5. The slide release has hung up , possibly a broken or slipped spring. it may be that a broken spring is pressing the lock or itself into the magazine.

    You may have to force the mag out the bottom, possibly ruining it, and then pull out the mag release and check and replace any broken parts.

    it could also be dirt in the same area off of the magazine or something as simple as any other debris in the area.

    if you can put the slide back I second driving a wood peg down pressing on the release. if it doesn't slip out pretty easy, then you have to decide if you have the skill to get it out or if you need to take it to the gunsmith.

    No matter what I would probably junk that mag.

    Also is is possible that you inserted a mag from some other weapon and that has caused the jam? Not knowing what you have I am only guessing at this point.

  6. ghrit

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    Unscrew the retainer on the right side, and push the mag release out. Might save the mag that way. Watch the spring, it'll find a place to hide.
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    There are a lot of non-standard 45acp mags out there and this problem along with failure to lock or feed properly are common.Use Ghrit's method first and yes the spring may just launch into oblivion.
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    [ditto] What he said.
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    I do not suggest this route. What appears to be a mag retainer plunger screw (right hand side of frame) is part of the disasembly of the retainer ASSEMBLY parts that locks the mag release assembly into the weapon's frame , spring etc and is a 1/4 turn that needs to be removed only when the magazine is out of the gun because you must have the release button pushed all the way in for this screw to rotate. Then again you might want to try this but understand that the screw HEAD is actually a take down part.

    I would suggest that you remove the grip panels and check the inside of the gun for any broken or jamed parts first.

    Then I would remove the slide and barrel assembly, use the wood dowel approach, but only if the mag release button will push in easily and hope that nothing is truly broken.
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    To prevent springs and things from flying away (been there, done that!) place the weapon in a clear plastic bag large enough to get your hands inside to work with it.
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  11. Wow, now that's good and smart advice
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    You spent enough time on your hands and knees with your right cheek 1" off the ground searching for the roll pin you just dropped, didnt ya?
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    Yep. :D

    And one of Lt. Murphy's Laws is that as soon as the new part you ordered to replace the lost one comes - you find the 'lost' one sitting right out in the open....... "DOH!" :rolleyes:
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    Exactly how my "spare parts" kit has been put together.:D
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    Everyone thanks. I used this method and it did not take much pressure.
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