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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by swampboy, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I bought a new Springfield M1A (service grade) the day before Obama was inaugurated (btw, my timing was not accidental). My son (most probably) and I can handle a rifle of that size and caliber, but my wife and daughter cannot (they are both petite). We also have an original M-1 carbine that belonged to my late father-in-law. Although the size and caliber would be well suited for my wife and daughter, I'm concerned about the availability of ammo and the .30 carbine being on the weak side. I thought about maybe getting a Ruger Mini-14, but read about the problem of getting spare parts. The AR-15 is more than I can afford right now.

    I doubt that I'm the first person to be in this scenario, so maybe I can benefit from the experiences of others.

    Thanks in advance!
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    some of the Century rebuilt AK-74's might be viable... Ammo is around 139.00 per 1000 rounds russian ... you can buy some parts to set aside now ahead of time... teh cost less than a mini 14 and Ar clones... the round is a pretty accurate one for a former sov weapon... and century replaces the barrel with a chrome lined one... $350.00 up YMMV
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    A lot of people, Poo Poo the M1 Carbine, but I am here to tell you, if you get a good one, give it TLC, and feed it Custom Loaded Ammunition, it can be a Killing Machine for anything inside, 100Meters. Years ago, Momma had a 350# Alaskan Black Bear, that insisted raiding her SmokeHouse. No one ever told her that a 30M1 was to small to kill a Black Bear. One shot, One Kill.... and she has the Rug to prove it..... ..... Never.... and I mean NEVER stand between a woman, and her Smoked Red Salmon.... or you could be turned into a rug yourself..... YMMV.....
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    I love the M1 carbine my self... and have one with another on the way... Ammo is a little high but with the right dies you can reload for around $7.50 a box...

    In my opinion it's the best weapon available for a urban situation... more stopping power than w .357 with over 600ftlbs at 100 yards.. and limited over penetration... upui can also take a chicom sks mag vest and cut it down to an two pouch ammo carrier for the M! and it will hold 4 15 round magazines plus on in the weapon...75 shots not bad...
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    I will second that motion

    Not to mention it is built on the same basic design as the AK-47, which has a reputation of being "Hardy" to say the least. I would purchase one of these before purchasing any AR-type weapon. Just my thoughts on that.
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    My wife has a M1 carb. Ammo is available about the same price as 223. Its small and easy for her to handle. Comparable to a hot 9mm carbine. Like anything else make sure you have brass cases to load after the shtf.
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    In the past couple years I've started really liking the AR. After-market parts are innovative and plentiful (and noticeably cheaper than they used to be).

    One of the great things about it is the ability to swap the upper w/o having to trouble yourself with registration, making it a multi-purpose rifle. I also like how it's now made for adding optics as part of the design, not as an afterthought (unlike AKs and my old FAL).

    That's not to say anything bad about an AK-74 (e.g., the Polish Tantal) -- I'd really like to get one of those now that they're well below 500 FRNs.

    If you like the best of both worlds, the Sig 556 is incredible, taking the best of both platforms -- unfortunately, it seems to combine the price too.

    Good luck with your decision! The M1 Carbine really fills a nitch as it was originally used as a replacement to a side arm.
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    M1 Carbine is a good weapon.

    Basically a prepper needs to ask themselves do I arm for survival or combat? First the reality, my MOS was 11B and I fought in Vietnam; trust me, combat isn't a family sport.

    AK-47 or AK-74 are light, user proof, and a whole bunch of inexpensive firepower. However, its forte isn't the hunter/gatherer role as accuracy is minute of torso league.
    ARs are a slick package and wickedly accurate. Excellent ergonomics and accessory heaven for those who need it.
    A Wylde chamber lets you shoot 223 or 556 accurately.

    As far as reliability, I missed the initial issue of the M16 in Vn and the accompanying overdose of calcium chloride ammunition; so my experience was different than those issued the early ones and shitty ammo.
    I was issued a 177 and it ran; even when rode hard and put up wet. If you have an AR and it jams; check the magazines.
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    If you can afford a Mini, you can afford to build an AR (and gain the valuable skills for repairs you may need later).

    Piece together quality components over time and you will be much happier in the end. What everyone else said on parts availability^^
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    A bud has several types but prefers an SKS "M" style(AK mags)-accurate, fast shooting, and reliable. His Carbine has an adequate supply of ammo plus reloading dies and mold for more boolits. Would say he is well prepared. He has an M1A and a FR-8 in the same rifle case(both 308).
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    I will chime in here in defense of the Mini-14. It is a quality weapon, made by a reputable manufacturer.

    Durable (they're made to last)
    Reliable (they always go bang)
    Easy to maintain
    Fires both .223, and 5.56
    Proven design. (it's the grandson of the M1 Garand)

    Bolt is a factory only part
    Magazines are more expensive than AR 15 mags
    Not as accurate as a quality AR (however new Mini's are be more accurate than AKs)
    You have to replace the stock to take advantage of all the AR accessories
    There isn't an abundance of spare parts available

    My go to defense rifle is a Mini-14. If and or when the world craps itself, I'm confident in my Mini's ability to defend me when I need it. The best thing about a Mini-14, is that it always goes bang. I personally believe that MOST accessories are like fishing lures.....they're designed to catch fishermen, not fish. I prefer iron sights over optics, because they just don't break like optics do.

    Just my opinion, do with it what you will. :D
  12. gunbunny

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    Nothing wrong with an M1 Carbine. The wife and I shot one for several seasons in the local 100yd NRA service rifle matches. They used to give us a bandoleer full of ammo for it from the CMP since we were the only ones using an M1 Carbine. Kind of like an insentive to participate.

    The rifle would go through about 100-150 rounds each match, with the wife and I shooting the same weapon back to back. Since I shot second, I had to keep it fairly well oiled to keep it running 100%. I never had a failure that I couldn't fix while still on the firing line.

    After the free ammunition dried up, I continued to reload for it. 110gr FMJ bullets are common and rather innexpensive. Most bullet companys produce their own version of them. The cases are rather easy to reload- lube is not necessary since it is a straight walled case. The powder capacity is decent- you are not using 24+ grains of rifle powder like 5.56 Nato, but are using a faster pistol powder like reloader12, H-110, Alliant 2400, red dot, etc. They are cheaper to buy in bulk than rifle powders.

    We eventually stopped shooting the carbine for a couple of reasons. We wanted more precise sights and I was loading 5.56 anyway, so I built a competition AR for the wife. I eventually stopped shooting the carbine and decided to make it a little harder on myself by shooting a Savage made Enfiled SMLE No4 Mk1* with the parker-hale match sights.

    I eventually sold the carbine when I ceased being a collector and consolidated my cartridge reloading down to 9 calibers. I'd still be shooting it today if I had the time for it. If it was all I owned, I would not feel that I was underpowered. Like most things, bullet choice for the job at hand. Luckily we have more options open to us as civillians than the military did; we aren't stuck with only FMJ bullets.

    I'd just make sure that I would have a few spare parts for it if it was the only rifle I had. As for tools, there really aren't any specific tools that you would need for basic repair or cleaning. A basic cleaning and tool kit would suffice.
  13. teeter

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    get them a high Point 9mm carbine, or just stick with .22's. Guns that are too big, heavy, or hard-kicking are pointless, really. If you had not wasted $1500 on one m1A, you could have had a pair of AR-15's, you know.
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