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    But... but... but... do you mean the Illuminati Freemason New World Order Gnomes of Zurich Evil Reptilian Extraterrestrial Demons aren't the cause of all the evil in the world? That it's somehow because of cowardly, lazy, incompetent, or just plain evil HUMANS? What a far out idea...
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    whoa dude; you just blew my mind...
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    Tango, I've never understood conspiracy buffs(?) but they resemble each other in that their beliefs seem to confer a sense of smug superiority. And none of them ever believes in just one conspiracy. No, for them the universe isn't an orderly place subject to the laws of physics but rather a cosmic fun-house with endless surprises, mostly unpleasant. Worse, their vote counts just as much as ours.
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    Thanks for the post, I have been trying to figure out the videos of the molten metal pouring from the towers and the reports from ground zero of the flowing streams of molten metal, "looked like a foundry" as one 9-11 fire fighter stated.

    The World trade center 7 video has puzzled me too, not the one the planes hit but the one that imploded like an obsolete Las Vegas casino demo. I dont have explanations for this but it sure does make one scratch your head as you say WTF.

    Here is a pure video, no commentary, just the building, WTC 7 falling:
    YouTube- wtc 7 collapse

    Compare it to this:

    YouTube- Building Implosion Controlled Demolition Compare WTC 7 9/11

    I have no answers, just questions.

    If bldg 7 was taken down for safety issues, then how does one explain that it takes weeks of preperation and months of installation to control demo a steel re-enforced 47 story building.

    It just seems odd to me.
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    'zactly I don't have many answers, but I do remember them finding massive hotspots in the rubble for weeks, workers were melting the soles of their boots. theres alot of misinformation passedalong as fact, but.. Maybe someday we'll getan impartial investigation, even if the crime scene was cleaned up rather quickly.
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    How's this for chilling, if Bldg. 7 was pulled and it takes months of prep to do it, then does that mean we had prior knowledge of the attacks?

    Why would you have a bldg prewired for demo BEFORE an attack?

    This building 7 thing has REALLY caused some fractures in my understanding of 9-11.

    The govt said 1/3 of the building was scooped out but images show the building intact with only 3 floors on fire. Then a claim that the three floors of fire, (carpet, flooring, drywall and furniture) was hot enough to cause the steel to weaken and collapse.

    HUH???? Steel skyscrapers dont implode from internal fires.

    Something aint right, I just dont get it, bldg 7 has thrown my reality into a tailspin.
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    I'd go there, but IF'n I tol' ya, I'd haff to shoot myzelf in za foot!
    (some conspiracy regulation thingy)
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