M50 gas mask

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    I got issued one back around 2013 but never really messed with it until lately.
    So far I like M50 the best. Used generic M3 OSHA stuff for sanding and in chemical drip/spill environments. Used MCU-2AP for far too may hours during gas attack exercise and at home sandblasting. Problem with MCU-2AP is it only normally has one filter. Then if you wear a sand blasting hood over the gas mask it block the one small opening on the filter.
    M50 is better all around. It has 2 filters, you can change the filters on the fly. You can pull one filter off and shoot a rifle. Comfort is better all around, partly because the filters are all plastic and low profile so you have less weight hanging off the side of the mask.
    I will get one just for sand blasting at least. If you can try one out you will like it.
    I say if you are going to buy a cheap gas mask, do your self a favor and don't at least that way it will be quick.
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