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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Doggtown, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Doggtown

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    I'm new to the forum and just wanted to get some feedback on a purchase I made today.

    I bought a black (Parkerized i believe) Springfield M6 Scout 22LR/410. The 22 bore is in perfect condition and the 410 bore has some light pitting. The overall exterior of the gun is in about 95% condition. It has some light wear/ scuffs from standard use. Upon further research and a call to Springfield Armory, it is now clear that the firearm is a Pre-CZ model made in 1991 by Springfield. Additionally, it has the original blue Springfield hard case with original manual. An interesting side note about the manual is that it reads "22 Long Rifle/ 22 Magnum/ 22 Hornet."

    I was only aware that they made this gun in 22 long and 22 hornet.

    And the best part is that I paid $280 ($302.75 after tax)

    And input, comments and/or valuation would be greatly appreciated.

  2. oth47

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    It's pretty much worthless,but out of the goodness of my heart,I'd take it off your hands..(smile) sounds like you got a bargain,I haven't seen one priced that low,otherwise I'd have one..or maybe two.Good luck with it and pix are always appreciated.Shot it yet?

    RKBA2USA Monkey+

    Wow. You stumbled upon a good deal. Congrats. There's one on Gunbroker right now (claiming "mint bores") with the bidding at $650 + $25 shipping.
  4. Brokor

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    Yeah, Gunbroker is full of a lot of hacks who want WAY too much for their goods. Of course, once in a while you can come across some bargains.

    That M6 scout is a bargain for anything less than 5 bills. Generally, since they aren't being made and due to the scarcity of them, just about any price can be asked if the demand is high enough.
  5. Hispeedal2

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    Sounds like a steal... congrats.
  6. Seawolf1090

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    There seems to be a fair demand for these little rifles now. A smart gun company could make some profit and brownie points with the shooting public by acquiring the manufacturing rights and cranking out this gun again. Being so relatively simple, manufacturing cost cannot be too great.
  7. Airborne Monkey

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    You got a good deal. That's a 2004 price. They are neat little truck guns or absolute last resort guns ... which is what they were designed to be in the first place.

    Practice with it. The squeeze bar trigger takes come getting used to it but once you do, they can be fairly accurate.
  8. toehead

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    Just bought one for $275. I have looked for 5years going to alot of gun shows. I love it. Slugs are worthless just bought 3" judge 9 shots and a Winchester personal defense load.
  9. Tikka

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    My father had 24V 222 over 20, a great turkey taker.
  10. marty357

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    I have a M6 22/410,mounted a williams wgrs54 and old 10/22 scope base. can now hit what I am shootin at . iam still puttering with it
  11. Gunsmith

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    Got mine...

    about 4 years ago. I must have got a steal on it though. I only paid, if memory serves, $150. I was buying a Rossi .22/.410 combo rifle for my grandson and the gunshop had this neat little rifle on the wall. I'd heard of 'em, but never seen one. It's not the most accurate rifle I've ever owned, but I love carrying this thing in the woods when I'm out and about. The only thing that stinks is the cost of .410 ammo:shock: other than that I love it.
  12. content

    content On Hiatus Banned

    If I had to keep it, you couldn't give me one. The unchoked 410 barrel is worthless beyond 20 yds. The trigger pull and sights suck so badly that the 22 isn't worth much at much more range, either. I'd rather have a suppressed 22 autopistol, any day. You paid WAY too much for this very low utility item, unless there is some sort of collector's value, of which I am not aware? $100 would be a LOT more like it.
  13. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    And you are qualified to make these statements how? Un-choked 410 is effective way beyond 20 yards, especially loading slugs. The weapon is exactly what it should be a combination survival rifle. If you are trying to take down small game at over 20 yards in a true survival situation, you are wasting ammo and time. Oh I forgot, you have a tactical wheelbarrow just loaded with suppressed .22's and tons of food.
  14. content

    content On Hiatus Banned

    try patterning that 410 barrel at 25 yds, you will see lots of small critter sized holes in the pattern and it takes more than one scraggly little pellet to down game. Slugs mean you might as well have had a REAL rifle and the sights and trigger pull of that hunk of junk mean that you wont be hitting much with slugs, either. The 410 slug is illegal for use on deer for a very good reason, it is a crippler and nothing more.
  15. content

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    so a man has to have drowned before he is qualified to tell you to wear a life preserver, right? I've had a Bronco 410 unchoked single shot, 40 years ago, it was worthless beyond 20 yds. shotshells are expensive and this gun is too, so why bother with such ? It won't do what is thought it will do, I am saving a lot of people a lot of money and frustration, and saving a lot of crippled/lost critters, too.
  16. Gray Wolf

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    Yep, Rictus is back.
  17. Falcon15

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    Guys, we should just shut up...Gunkid is the EXPERT on all things...
  18. Gray Wolf

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    Well, I see that there are enough of us to call him on his B.S!
  19. content

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    so start CALLING, then bser. give me some FACTS where I am wrong about anything that I have said, instead of your attempted character assasination/catcalls from the sidelines, like the second stringers you are. :)
  20. Falcon15

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