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    I was trying to decide where to post this. In the M/C Shop or Faith and Religion, but decided to put it in General discussion so more people might see it.

    My daughter wrote me recently and said she had just watched a movie and I had to see it. She said it reminded her so much of me. I had never heard of it so I bought it and watched it. It was a really great movie. Something I think everyone here would appreciate and enjoy. It is not a "religious" movie per se, it is a great story of one man making a difference.

    I saw that it was about the real life of a guy named Sam Childers and was based on his autobiography "Another Mans War". So I bought the book and read it also. As is usually the case the book was so much better. It made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes a time or two. Sam Childers is a man who walks the walk, talk about militant Christianity, he is the definition. He is being reviled by mainstream religious organisations for his "un-Christ like" refusal to turn the other cheek. That in itself is high recommendation to me that he is doing something right.

    I really think any monkeys here would like this movie and the book also. I highly recommend both. I am including links to his website for more info and particularly to bring to your attention a raffle that is going on there with all proceeds going to fund his mission in Sudan. They are raffling off the Harley-Davidson bike that Gerard Butler rides in the movie. $20 bucks a shot and for a worthwhile cause. If you don't want the bike you can take $35,000 cash instead.

    Machine Gun Preacher
    2011 Film
    Machine Gun Preacher is an action biopic about Sam Childers, a former gang biker turned preacher and defender of African orphans. The movie, released in 2011 by Relativity Media, was based on Childers's book Another Man's War. Wikipedia


    Machine Gun Preacher | WIN Gerard Butler’s Machine Gun Preacher Rat Bike

    Machine Gun Preacher Angels of East Africa

    Machine Gun Preacher | COMING SOON

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    My wife kept mentioning the book and when the movie came out she asked me to watch it with her. We were both moved by the story and the circumstances of the people over there. A very noble mission Sam has under taken with great compasion for those in need.

    Sometimes God ask you to pick up the sword and fight for what is right- Sam Childers has that calling and I salute his efforts in a difficult environment!!
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    Yeah I watched it on netflix one night and really liked it. During the end credits I saw that it was based on Childers' life and so I spent about 2 hours doing a little research on who he is. Definitely moved me. I added his book to my 'to read' least. Haven't gotten that far down the list yet but I am looking forward to reading his own account.

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    The movie is great but the book is awesome. The movie of course takes a lot of liberties and really can't go into the details that the book does. The book in his own words is so much more potent and moving.

    My favorite line in the movie is when the soldier asks him if he is military and he says "Naw, I just like guns."
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    I have the book and the movie. Both are great. Sam Childers, ex Bandido Biker(?), and a christian warrior who packs heavy and certainly does not live amongst the sheep. The question he ask at the end of the movie is "if your child was kidnapped by Islamic extremist knowing what they were going through, what would you do to get them back?" I'm a unabashed christian myself who might just upset a few of the more woolly types with my answer.
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    I have not seen it it is on netflix and I have been reluctant to watch it but sounds like worth a watch I may look on NOOK for the book as well.,thanks.
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    +1 I really liked this movie.
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    The book is always better. Gonna have to grab a copy. [winkthumb]
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    I'm more of a visual kinda guy. Would rather watch a porn than read about it. ;)
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    The book is more detail oriented for sure but if you've read the book your mind just fills in the blanks.
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    Just ordered the book from the library. The video has a wait list and doesn't sound like it would be family friendly.
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    Good Flick.. :D
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    Good movie.
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    You know how to read........;)
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    Yea I didn't go to your school [gone]
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