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    In order to do that we need to repeal the Hughes Amendment that was "passed" in 1986 under very questionable "rules."

    Petitioning the White House to address an issue is a simple process. Get 5000 petitioners together and your issue must be addressed. With no new transferrable machineguns produced since 1986, their prices have skyrocketed. Something that prior to 1986 was possible for anyone to own (with the proper paperwork, etc, etc) is now only affordable by the wealthy.

    With the president talking about fairness, equality, and spreading wealth around, how about leveling the playing field and making new, affordable machineguns available to the middle class.[gun]

    Here's the link to the petition:

    Read the petition and see what you think. If you agree, please help us get the 5000 signatures we need. Tell all your friends!

  2. Kingfish

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    I tried but the site was not working. I was not able to sign the petition. KF
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    Wait. Through his State Department cohort he has already decided we can not own M1 Garands were are currently allowed by current law to own and possess. Even with the resources of the NRA and GOA in his face screaming bloody murder.

    You really think he is going to pay attention to a machine gun petition?

    Obama Administration Moves to Block Sale of M1 Garands - Gun Owners Of America

    Oh well. Obviously I don't share your optimism. None the less I went to the site to 'sign' the petition. They want me to register and in the process give them way more information than that which they need to determine that I am not an illegal alien (not that they would mind that!).
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    Yes, just like voting, you have to register to sign the petition, or any of the hundreds of others.

    I'm on so many lists now I figure, one more won't matter. If there's a special gulag for those who write letters to Congress, I'm sure they already have my cell picked out.

    I will not go quietly.

  5. Witch Doctor 01

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    I belive that they were M-1 Carbines not garands... It's probably because one of his cronies has 2 universals and the import would drop the value of them ...
  6. ghrit

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    Ought to check that. IIRC it was Garands from South Korea. Dunno where that stands, but the CMP took a pretty hard stance in favor of repatriation of the rifles.
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    I believe it was both M1 Carbines and M1 Garands.

    Hogwash is what it really was.

    I won't waste the effort signing this. Once the pendulum swings the other way next year, its worth a shot. JMHO.
  8. ghrit

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    As far as I'm concerned, on line "petitions" are phishing trips. I don't even think of sending them along, with or without "signing", I get enough spam as it is.
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    It was all the Korean loaner M1 carbines. They are keeping the Garands for their Reserve Army. 80,000 Mi Carbines we'll never see again.
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    The Hughes Amendment that was "passed" in 1986 and the courts already ruled is unConstitutional way back when and I already posted the links to Survivalmonkey. Of course the gov't doesn't obey it's own laws anyway....

    OK, looked up court case that stated that the Machinegun ban of 1986 was illegal and added to above post:

    US vs. ROCK ISLAND INC and DAVID R. REESE [773 F.Supp 117, Dist Ct., ILL - June, 1991].
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