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    The logic of this doesn't really make sense...given that if we're back in the 19th century, we won't be able to pay our debt to them. However, if they planned to invade and take over, that would make more sense. I guess they never watched all the pirated copies of Wolverines they distributed. Like Tom Clancy would make more sense if they got into it with Russia.

    Before It's News
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    Well, I seem to remember a mysterious missile launch off the west coast in late 2010. Wonder if they ever figured out who dun it?

    Now that would make a hell of a 'too late to shoot it down now' moment for the USA.

    Seriously though, if we were EMP'd and the <fill in the blank> still had all their comm's gear and technology, We'd be the afghanis and they'd be using their tech to attempt to kick our butts. Fortunately, most guns don't have electronic circuits. :D
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    I thought the winners of "Risk" always succeeded by acquiring Australia first. Mucho resources, small population...and the added advantage of the "continent bonus"! : O
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    Chelloveck, I think Oz is safe. I heard about your colorful outfits. I think New Zillan 'ers have more to worry about.
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    At the operational/strategic level, this weapon is best suited to take out carrier battle groups. This drastically negates our force projection platforms and leaves us little intercontinental military influence without nuclear missiles.
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    I think if they tied something one of our nucular subs would turn their major citys into smoking piles of ash.
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    I lived on the west coast (about an hour north of San Diego) when this happened and was working at a Navy facility right on the coast. Although this was greatly played down in the news, I can tell you the entire base went into a lock-down mode- no one was allowed on or off the base for what seemed like an eternity. I asked what happened while there but the guy I was with said he didn't know anything. I was back on site for another service call (contractor, not active duty) and asked again but was told not to ask.

    Another guy I work with was down at Miramar (Marine air base in San Diego) when it happened, he said activity really jumped there with people running in every direction and planes taking off.

    I have a tough time believing both bases reacted this way if it was really nothing, namely scrambling jets and locking down bases.
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    Ditto, interrupt our lives or take out our military assets which has the value added?
    Personally, I'd take out the assets first simply because they can hurt my homeland and destroy or hinder my invasion logistics.
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