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Made some soft leather pouches.

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. sticks65

    sticks65 Monkey++

    I got a nice piece of leather today so this evening I made a couple of pouches.

    One for coffee and sugar and the other as a tinder pouch.

    Coffee pouch.




    Tinder pouch.


    Heres what i put in the tinder pouch.

    A small bag of pine resin,a bag of birch bark & small pieces of fat wood and some UN-twisted jute twine.

    Both pouches.
  2. gomer

    gomer Hooligan

    There's no way you do tool bags or saddle bags for motorcycles is there? That's really handy. I like the workmanship; simple but it looks sturdy.
  3. sticks65

    sticks65 Monkey++

    No sorry,I just do small simple leather work.
  4. Bear

    Bear Monkey+++ Site Supporter+++ Founding Member Iron Monkey

    Nice work... just found a bunch of leather I forgot about while cleaning up today... think you've inspired me a bit[boozingbuddies]
    Nice tinder selection... is there fatwood to be found there?....
    I like oakum for tinder... works well... for an old fart like me... its kinda cheating though...[lolol]
  5. sticks65

    sticks65 Monkey++

    Anywhere there's old pines there should be fat wood about,yes you can find fat wood here if you keep your eyes peeled.
  6. ibelle999

    ibelle999 Monkey+

    Leather DownUnder

    I just became a member today and this is my first post...

    I have made some pouches of Kangaroo leather since I live in Australia... I can highly recommend it for use as it gets beautifully soft with use, but remains exceptionally strong...

    Thanks for the pics... lovely work!
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