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  1. azrancher

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    Has anyone gotten new subscriptions to Magazines that they would not have ordered?

    Is this a new gimmick to get you to re-new after a year?

    I suddenly am getting "Field & Stream" and "ESPN "

  2. BTPost

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    If you didn't order them, you have two choices...
    1. Send them back, with a note, "Not Ordered" Returned to Sender...... On their Dime....
    2. Read them, then burn them, and all the subsequent Mailings....
  3. techsar

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    Yup...if you didn't order them, there is no requirement to return them.

    Free firestarters ;)
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  4. kellory

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    Yes, it is an incentive to get you to try their product. They hope to hook you so you will renew when the frerbees stop. Common tactic.
  5. stg58

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    I have the same thing going for Sports Illustrated which I have never subscribed.

    I drop them off at a local VFW or VA clinic.
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  6. azrancher

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    It's a new tactic for me, just curious
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  7. Ganado

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    They will send you a bill. You do t n owe anything but it's amazing how many people pay for something they didn't order.

    If this tactic didn't work they wouldn't use it
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  8. Yard Dart

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    It's like that little worm on the end of the hook...... they just throw a couple issues out there hoping you bite.
    They will send you bills and notices stating your subscription is soon to be cancelled. It is a classic tactic for marketing... and as the others have stated, you are not financially obligated to respond.
  9. azrancher

    azrancher Monkey +++

    I like that company that sends you renewal bills in the mail, and they "guess" at what you might be subscribing to, like I've been getting Playboy since I was old enough to, well never mind... but I get renewal notices for Sports Illustrated, Penthouse, etc but this is a new tactic, sending you free magazines....
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