Magnetic pole reversal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oil pan 4, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. oil pan 4

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    I did a search and was shocked to find no topics.
    Well this one is probably going to be bad.
    If you are going to prep for anything besides earth quake around ring of fire or hurricane or typhoon in vulnerable areas you better prepare for this.
    What got my attention was fake news in national geographic magazine of all places saying that the magnetic pole reversal is thousands of year away, nothing to worry about.
    There is no way it could be thousands of years away. The earths magnetic field has been declining about 6% per century since the 1590s. Then starting about 2000 the magnetic field strength has plummeted. declining closer to 5% per decade and could still be accelerating.
    During magnetic pole reversal the earths field strength drops to around 5% of what we are used to.
    The magnetic north pole has accelerated, shooting across the artic circle 40km per year towards siberia lately. 40km isn't much only about 1° per 3 years. During pole reversal 5° per year is expected and up to 50° degrees per year may be possible and evidence for degrees per day movements have been indicated by one lava flow.
    No indication there is any chance this is thousands of years away.
    If the current rate of field decline continues we will be down to 5% in around 70 years. If magnetic field strength decline rate increases, could be about 80 years start to finish, with "start" being some time around the late 90s or 2000 when the rapid field decline started and faster north pole movement also began.
    The actual pole reversal it's self has been found to take anywhere from a few decades to as little as a few years, it was belived at one time that pole reversal took thousands or tens of thousands of years but little to nothing discovered this century seems to be supportive of the very slow flip.
    Problem with this is we lose more of our protection to solar storms every year. Now instead of needing an x50 class coronal mass ejection to start to cause wide spread power outage and x100 to x150 being total power grid destruction, much weaker and much more common events can have the same effect. For example an x50 class event that might have knocked out power in the north east for up to a day or 2 in the past could stomp the power grid back to the dark age with a weaker magnetic field in the very near future.
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    Been "Seeing" this with my Nav. Unit aboard my Decathalon, when I first started flying, and even before as a kid, it was common knolage that true north was not the same as magnetic north, approx,-20° off to the west, even good compass were marked this way, now my Nav. Shows it to be at about -34° West south west and my really good compase dosnt read stable any longer, it "Shifts" it's readings by almost 2° plus or minus depending on interferences! I have no issues with navagation, but the correction factor is getting harder with more chances of making a mistake!
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  3. Big Ron

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    I wondered about this when folks talk about Climate change.
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  4. Bandit99

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    @oil pan 4 So, what is the worse case estimate when this could occur? Are we talking within 30 years, worse case? 20 years?
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  5. Brokor

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    There's plenty of information, you just have to be "in the know". Now you are. ;)

    It pays to be a subscriber to the SO channel on YouTube (it's free)
    You can also subscribe at the website and support Ben, it goes a long way.
    Site: Suspicious0bservers – Climate Change | Space Weather | Astronomy – Your Mind is Your Weapon
    Channel: Suspicious0bservers

    Something like that is certainly possible. The major effects would be caused by solar activity since the Earth's magnetic field will be severely weakened during the reversal. Until the magnetic field can once again stabilize, we're susceptible to any and all activity, making even the most harmless magnetic storms troublesome. As we continue to transition through this pole reversal, the Earth's magnetic field will continue to weaken at an exponential rate. The flip itself may only take a few short years, but the point at which it does this is only a best guess of 20 to 30 years from now.
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  6. BTPost

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    What can you DO about it.... Nothing.... So if you are already Prep'ed for EMP, and Natural Disasters, then why get all worked up about stuff you can't do anything about... I look at CME as a Very Small Issue, in that it is a very localized event on the Sun's surface, that is rotating all the time, so say an HUGH Event might be 3 Degrees wide, AND the Earth is also Rotating Once a day, and a person is within 1 Degree of a Direct Hit, out of 360 degrees a day, AND with the Polar Tilt, if it happens in Winter I will only get direct radiation 6 hours a day, at most, anyway... It is a Giant Crapshoot of probabilities... Oh sure, It Will inevitably happen, but the Impact on Me and Mine, is much much lower, that a Magnitude 8+ Earthquake, and I LIVE right over the TOP of a MAJOR Earthquake Zone... There have been TWO in my Lifetime, and BOTH we 500+ miles away, from where I live....
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  7. arleigh

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    When I lived in the mountains , most of us that did any hiking knew about iron mountain and that in certain areas a compass was useless .
    There is no substitute for familiarizing ones self in their area and know north no matter where they are even inside a large mall.
    Orientation dependency on machinery is handy, but not always right .
    The really tough orientation is in a mine or cave ,near impossible due to anomalies of iron all around and no natural light .
    I digress,
    The earth is always in a state of change and we should not be shocked when we are made aware of it . Adjust an move on .
    The celestial influences seem to have an effect, and we can't change that .
    People that have been living in coastal areas know the oceans rise and should not be surprised that they need to move inland .
    You can act on it or remain in denial, and face the price of the event one way or another.
    I live in California about 40 miles from the coast as the crow flys @ about 1400 ft elevation. I don't take the elevation for granted and have boats in the event the great quake takes place . I study the terrain and speculate if and how the earth can fall and the water in the ocean might travel inland . Should I survive the quake I have provided for that in my planning and prepping.
    Atmospheric changes so far as the sun's out put require implementing green houses ,and for the most part that is the way of most growing here now .
    I have been postponing the project for a while, but have the frame work in place for my own green house . These are things WE can do for the future being it is so stable.
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  8. Brokor

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    Which will be strongly influenced by a weakened magnetic field. :cool:
    You're right, though. Not a damn thing we can do about it except prep like always and hope for the best.

    We've already lost at least 20% of the Earth's magnetic field at this point, and when it gets down to 50%, good luck going outside. The Earth will retain 5 to 10% of its magnetosphere during the flip, but that's still not going to make life easy for soft, pink fleshy people. As for the earthquakes, would be silly to assume we wouldn't get an up-tick in seismic events.
  9. DarkLight

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    I'm sure the socialist globalist elites will find some way to spin it that this is man-made or at least we're making it worse (don't ask me how, I can't answer that, because it's not and we're not) and use it as another wedge and reason to push for more control.
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  10. Darklight beat me to it. I was just going to ask how Al Gore was going to make this a result of human behavior. Maybe global climate change is caused by a weakening magnetic field. Or Al Gore jetting around the world to climate change conferences in a private jet.
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  11. Thunder5Ranch

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    We are actually over due for the pole shift seems we had a temp shift around 780,000 years ago and another partial around 41,000 years ago. From what I have read anytime between a minute from now and 2000 years. According to most of what I ave read no mass extinctions occur, not much increase in volcanic activity and the amount of solar radiation increase is marginal historically.

    Even if all the worst case possibles happen........... seriously WTF are you going to do about it :)
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  12. Thunder5Ranch

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    Clearly our use of metals and extraction of those metals has weakened the conductive crust of the earth and as they oxidize the rust settles at the south pole drawing the magnetic field closer to each year man uses metals and creates more oxidation thus speeding up the pole shift. Thus we need oxidation credits and oxidation taxes to fund the clean up of the giant piles of rust under the Southern ice sheets.....................

    Now being serious it is highly possible that any increase in global temps is in fact largely due to the weakening magnetic field but everything in so vested in man made climate change and it is making such big pay days for so many, there simply in not room in the science to consider let alone explore other possibilities. Even if the claimed temp increase is right in line with the increases expected in a weakening magnetic field.
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  13. VisuTrac

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    Hey maybe if we keep putting stuff in orbit we can build a shield!
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  14. duane

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    I don't think pole shift would have hurt us much in 1860 as our technology was pre electronic, probably not that much even in 1920, but all bets are off now. I worked for AT&T Co and the original Telstar com satellite was a low altitude one and was quickly destroyed by the increased radiation in the Van Allen belts caused by the US and USSR high altitude nuclear tests. We really don't have any way of predicting the effects of a combination of high energy solar particles and a decreased magnetosphere. While I could live without electricity, I don't know if our present level of civilization in the "advanced" countries could. Can't really prepare for that as a "disaster", but it has enough overlaps with the other possibilities, that in general we should be OK. It is like Yellowstone, asteroid strike, the big one on the west coast, etc. it will happen in a long enough time period, but it might be in 20 min or in some cases 20 million years. As we learn more about man's experiences on earth, we find that rather routinely large segments of the population were destroyed in regional or larger disasters, ice ages, meteor strikes, climate changes, etc. I think that prepping as a way of enjoying life and getting some satisfaction out of being prepared is a much healthier attitude than one of total paranoia and always waiting for the shoe to drop. Although the present babel on TV and the media has almost convinced me that a healthy sense of paranoia may well be necessary if one wishes to survive the next few years.
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  15. Dunerunner

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    Somebody call Connor McCloud!!
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  16. Thunder5Ranch

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    Skynet will fix it!
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  17. BTPost

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    Actually, the Pole Reversal is what FRIES, the SKYNET Processors, and grounds all the Robots...
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  18. oil pan 4

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    You can still go out side.
    We we have seen a 20% reduction in field strength but only seen something like a 2% or 3% increase in radiation at ground level. The mass of the atmosphere stops the vast majority of high energy photon radiation and could stop beta radiation which is deflected by the magnetic field.
    It may make air travel hazardous. For example remember carrie fisher?
    Had a heart attack on a transatlantic flight, what they didnt tell you is that it was during a geomagnetic storm.
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  19. Zimmy

    Zimmy Wait, I'm not ready!

    Variantions in magnetic fields have been found to effect our own brain patterns as well.

    That could represent in many different and unforeseen ways.

    But I bet it doesn't make me a democrat.....
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  20. azrancher

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    I knew there was a reason for forgetting stuff, now who do I sue, the Global Warming guys, or we haven't heard of the protect the Baby Seal Protectionists in a while, what happened to them?

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