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    We have two soccer games left in our season, but had our end of season gathering today, since everyone could make it. When all seven of my girls play, we have been really tough. I commend the girls for playing hard all season even though we are short handed almost every game. Seven is our full roster even though we play nine versus nine.

    Today we played short again, 8v7, but won 2-0. Our girls pretty much controlled the whole game.

    Afterwards was silly goof off time.


    One of our girl's baby brother gravitated to monkey.


    Monkey played great. She ran hard and was very aggressive. The other team was playing her physically, so she picked up her physicality. On one sequence, she fought off three defenders in a row to keep the ball and make a run to the goal. I was impressed. So far she is our leading scorer.

    The girls' conditioning that we tried to establish at the beginning has paid dividends all season. And their teamwork has been improving each week.

    Pardon my rambling. Just being a proud papa and proud coach. Have a great weekend!
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    arrrrrg it is not every day you see the Jolly Roger on a toddlers shirt.
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    And just where did you think pirates come from? ;)
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    Hmmm... isn't the scull and crossbones sometimes used as a warning indicator for poisonous and toxic substances? For a small one that still requires diaper changes, the warning seems rather apropos.
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    I though that was "Mr. ,yuck"?
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    East Carolina University.... :whistle:
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