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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by E.L., Apr 30, 2006.

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    I took these during our short shooting session Sat. The Saiga shot well, was comfortable, and there was very little recoil, but I only shot it using bird shot. It was very comfortable, but I think that the weak link is the magazine. Unless of course the US ten round mags fair better. Feeding the plastic five round magazine into the mag well took a lot of time. This also might be as much from unfamiliarity as much as anything. I wouldn't buy the plastic magazines though, while I liked the Saiga I didn't like the plastic magazine. I felt like the Saiga came up very quick and pointed very naturally like what you would want from a shotgun. Ergonomically it was very comfortable with the pistol grip and the recoil pad on the folding stock is a must have. Shooting the Saiga with the stock folded was not uncomfortable as I thought it would be. Just don't "limp wrist it." Of course with "00" I am sure it would be a lot more intimidating. Shooting one handed wasn't bad either, with bird shot of course. This is really surprising as the Saiga is a very light-weight shotgun. It is the AK Shotgun, and a must have for "Mr. AK." Cool shotgun.
    2006_04_30_162_medium_263. 2006_04_30_165_medium_527. 2006_04_30_168_medium_128. 2006_04_30_169_medium_228.
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    Cool Tool!! [boozingbuddies]
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    Thanks EL the pics rock! The US mag will be metal and can be seen at and are 10rnders to boot:D I know I will have some. I fiddled with it today and got the mag changes faster than yesterday when the shotgun was NIB. Will at RedJacket Firearms did a great job on the conversion and installing the AK-100 series polymer sidefolder. This is as close as you can get to a Siaga 12C state side for under $1k.

    Oh yeah the contraption on top of it is a Russian Kobra Red dot. Not and EOTech, but it didn't cost $400 either, and is authentic for the firearm:D
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    As far as a ranger report here we go:

    Accuracy: Iron sights shoot a little low at 25 yards, easy to compensate for. I will be using the Kobra red-dot anyway.

    Relability: Needs some breaking in. I had a couple of FTE with Birdshot where the shell got hung up on the way out. But should work out after a couple hundred rounds.

    Feel: It is a very light semi-auto 12ga. It is a bit front heavy with out the red-dot, because the polymer stock is so light. The weapon comes up really nicely and points well. The recoil pad is pretty nice to have using 3" slugs and buckshot. I like the overall feel.
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    How about point of aim, does it come close? Have you patterned it yet with the loads you are using? DETAILS, man, DETAILS!!!! [raspberry]
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    Just be sure to put the bead right below what you are aiming at and it is all good in the hood:D

    As far as patterning...I didn't have enough buckshot on hand to get a really good idea... (only three rounds) The funky lump at the end of the barrel is a Full Choke attachment, but I don't really expect a super tight pattern out of the 18.5 inch barrel.
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    Here she is with the NON HOMO 8rnd mag:D
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    Ah does think one might clear an alley right quick with that 'un. Buck and ball alternating? [touchdown]
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    [winkthumb] nice looking
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