Magpul leaving Colorado?

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    They should pull up stakes and move to Texas, Idaho, or Montana.

    Colo. company could be forced to move if lawmakers restrict gun magazines | – Denver News, Weather & Sports from FOX 31 News in Denver, Colorado

    Formed in Colorado in 1999 by a former Marine, the successful Colorado company Magpul Industries employees over 200 people and offers over 500 polymer products.
    But it’s one of their products that has garnered national attention, and controversy.
    It’s the 30-round rifle magazine designed for the AR-15 and the military M4 and M16 rifles.
    Famously or infamously known as the high capacity magazine.
    It accounts for almost half of all sales at Magpul. “It’s the standard that’s used in our military as well as allied militaries. With state, federal and local law enforcement as well as hunters, recreational shooters, competitors and responsible citizens all over the united states,” says Duane Liptak, director of Magpul Dynamics in Erie, Colorado.
    Magpul calls it the standard capacity magazine.
    Colorado lawmakers want to call it illegal if House Bill 1224 passes and becomes law.
    It would prohibit the sale, transfer or possession of rifle magazines holding more than 15 rounds. If the bill indeed passes, it could spell the end of this 13-year-old Colorado company.
    It would also mean the end of hundreds of jobs. “A little over 200 jobs right here at our assembly, shipping and design as well as our headquarters facility and probably another 400 or even more at our suppliers, sub-contractors, and service providers throughout Colorado,” said Liptak.
    Add to that the $85 million to the local economy Magpul would have spent in 2013.
    Liptak says they are proud to be a Colorado-born company. They want to stay. But in the end, it’s up to Colorado lawmakers.
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    Can you say "unintended consequences" or "collateral damage"? Sure you can...
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    Can you say "dumbazz libs" who care not one wit about collateral damage,only their own agenda no matter how many times it's been proven it don't work. Sure you can.
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    Magpul better start packing up cause Colorado has gone full retard. Yesterday was just pathetic- the conceal carry bill on campus: ""Guns and college students don't mix," said Rep. Claire Levy, D-Boulder, the sponsor of the bill. "Do we really want to give guns to binge-drinking college students?" LOL! That's correct folks- college students are just a bunch of irresponsible drunks! And when has anyone ever "given" guns to students.

    Magpul is a contributor to the economy and employing people are these Coloradan politicians are trying to turn the state into some Utopia.
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    So the politicians are willing and working hard to drive $85 million from and economy ..... next breath:
    Colorado tax holiday on disaster supplies rejected

    Why reject it???
    I just can't understand these politicians! Do they ever listen to themselves? Stop & think???

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    Colorado House Committee passes amended gun magazine limit - The Denver Post

    Colorado House Committee passes amended gun magazine limit

    POSTED: 02/12/2013 11:15:57 AM MST​
    UPDATED: 02/13/2013 02:30:25 AM MST​
    By Kurtis Lee
    The Denver Post

    State Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, speaks at a news conference about gun control measures, at the State Capitol, in Denver on Feb. 5, 2013. (Brennan Linsley, Associated Press)​
    After several hours of impassioned testimony mostly from opponents to a measure to ban ammo magazines of more than 10 rounds, Colorado's House Judiciary Committee late Tuesday night passed the measure.
    But the bill, sponsored by state Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, was amended by her colleagues to increase that limit to 15 rounds.
    State Rep. Mike McLachlan, D- Durango, who sits on the committee, offered the amendment to, he said, allow citizens to protect themselves.
    "Fifteen is a reasonable number, and this is what I'm going to ask in my amendment," McLachlan said.
    Other amendments to the bill also were expected.
    The House Judiciary Committee consists of seven Democrats and four Republicans,
    Former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent David Chipman said a magazine ban is essential.
    "It will keep killers from being killing machines," Chipman said.
    In its form at the time of publication, House Bill 1224 prohibits the sale or possession of gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds or more than five shotgun shells.
    The bill says that if an individual already owns a high-capacity magazine on the effective date of the bill's becoming law, then that individual may retain it. Prosecutors would bear the burden of proof that an owner violated the new stricture.
    However, manufacturers would still be able to produce these magazines within the state.
    Charles Robles traveled from Colorado Springs and said had it not been for a high-capacity magazine, he would not be alive.
    "It helped me engage the three men who were shooting at me," said Robles in reference to a 2002 Memorial Day robbery at his small business. "I was shot five times, but I was able to save my life and fend off my attackers. "
    Doug Smith, chief operating officer of the Colorado-based ammunition magazine manufacturer Magpul, said the measure would force his company to leave Colorado and take with it an estimated $85 million in potential spending this year.
    "Passage would devastate the company," he said of the measure.
    State Rep. Daniel Kagan, D-Cherry Hills Village, who chairs the committee, said he did not want Magpul to leave the state.
    "I want to protect manufacturing in Colorado," Kagan said.
    But that didn't sit well with Lee Reedy, who traveled from Brighton with his wife to testify.
    "It's hypocritical," Reedy said in an interview. "On one end they're saying we want the jobs and revenue from producing these magazines, but on the other end, they're saying if you live in Colorado, then you can't possess one."

    Read more:Colorado House Committee passes amended gun magazine limit - The Denver PostColorado House Committee passes amended gun magazine limit - The Denver Post
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    Welcome to Idaho Magpul. We would love the jobs and the high cap magazines.

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    Really??? I keep reading that over and over... these state reps sound so stupid, greedy and do they really think Magpul would stay??? How unrealistic! We want your money and we want you to employ people but you cannot own or purchase the product??? This is insane & stupid. I wrote to the reps in Co and told them they were being ridiculous. My happy go-lucky, optimistic cherry personality is really being tested by these stupid people that we elected.
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    A Magpul tweet today:

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    Yea, Baby.... Make those Colorado Libtards OWN IT... and hold their TOES TO the Public Wrath, on their NEXT Election Cycle... Good for MagPul...Cheers...
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    I'm with ya BT, I just wish it didn't involve good people losing their jobs.

    I know sometimes the right decision is a painful one, but I still feel for the people and their families.
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  13. Pax Mentis

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    Is the senate as liberal idiot heavy as the house?
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    Democrats with 23 seats
    Republican with 12 seats

    This state is just an extension of CA. The districts are funky. They draw it so the libtards seem to have the advantage in many districts.
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    listing of CO senators

    Colorado General Assembly
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    In December the unemployment rate in CO was 7.6%. The politicians obviously aren't concerned about this.
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    Colorado universal background check got the approval. One politician down at the capital is quoted as saying- "background checks will help prevent death by suicide." I kid you not. A background check will help lower the suicide rate. Who elected these people??? Do you hqave to have an IQ of 50 to get into office?
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    Moto, all you have to do to get into office is tell people what they want to hear. I left a pretty decent paying city job because people elected a convicted sex offender (child molester) to office because they liked how well he could brown nose. Not at all surprised when elected officials say stupid crap.... it's perfectly in line with how stupid some of them really are.
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    Burn The House Down.
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    An ad ran in the Denver Post by Magpul

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