Maine as a retreat location

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    Ok, so I read survivalblog frequently. This issue comes up occasionally, but Rawles essentially says ixnay on the northeast to all, and refuses to even acknowledge the possibility in detail. Basically all answers are drop everything and move west. This is obviously not feasible for all, so would Maine rank for anyone??
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    North East Retreat, in winter you might not make it to your retreat. Not known for growing food well. One the higher population areas of the US as well. If SHTF caused nuclear or volcanic winter, you'd well within the ice age glacier areas.
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    Not MY idea of the perfect BOL area, but we generally take what we have. I figure The West will get crowded pretty quick. I'll stay on the East Coast - I know the major part of it - familiarity is a good thing.
    I don't care for northern winters, but I know not to rule out any possibility.
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    I can say that many areas that were pretty desolate only 3 years back, are now not what I'd like to be in.....It's getting CROWDED even in the high desert these days. Even the local utility company in the past 2 weeks have been putting in over 40 poles and I had to call and ask why. I got a run around ( lies) if you prefer. I was told it was to help alleviate the power "brownouts" lately in the area....( not that anyone has ever noticed in the past 30 years)So, they were upping the system from single phase to 3 phase. Now that's all well and good, BUT, the population has dropped signicicantly in the past couple of years and of the 6 original flagstone quarries, only 2 are operating, part time today.
    There are rumors( oh boy) that the local town needs to come up with $300,000 for the volunteer fire department. Funny, the new building was built just before I went up there 3 years ago...they already have all kinds of new and un-used firetrucks and equipment. What they lack is people!
    ( aka: more tax payers)
    Where on earht are less than 400 people going to get that type of funds?
    And suddenly, some new kid on the block ( just had a city council...? vote/election) had a bright idea to put in a sewer system that will only cost each resident $27,000. Something is strange.....
    I smell a rat...developers?
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