For Sale MAJOR DISCOUNT BINGE: Red Feather Butter, Bega Cheese, Yoders Bacon, and more!

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    Safecastle sells only fresh, top-quality brands of storage food. These items are prime examples of what our customers want and get, at the best prices, shipped FREE.

    Stock up now, and don't forget--buyers club members are even earning reward points with every purchase thru the rest of the year! Absolutely--reap your rewards today ...

    Red Feather Butter - full case, 24 cans: up to 36% off

    Bega Cheese - full case, 36 cans: up to 36% off

    Butter and Cheese Combo Package - full cases: up to 38% off

    Yoders Bacon - full case, 12 cans: up to $41 off (use $10 Coupon Bunker code)

    Sampler packages - single cans: up to 15% off
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    That is a great price on the Red Feather canned butter. W e paid 184 a case several years ago but still have two cases.
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  4. JC Refuge

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