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    In the forest, there are some interesting trees that can be used to make food and medicine. Only aboriginal people can recognize and know how to use them efficiently.

    The two aboriginal men were given a little rice from a friend. They decided to make a special food which was colorful rice.

    Firstly, they soaked the rice for 1 hour to make it soft and fluffy. If you browse through Middle Eastern cookbooks, you may find that they always instruct you to wash and soak rice in water prior to cooking. Putting more water in the pan or even steeping it overnight is the best way to flush out traces of the poison arsenic. The chemical contaminates rice as a result of industrial toxins and pesticides which can remain in the soil for decades.

    Next, they found a bunch of specific leaves to create color for the rice. To extract color from those leaves, they boiled them for some minutes. Then, they poured the color water into the rice.

    Then, aborigines cooked the rice for about 30 minutes.

    The rice that was dyed by tree leaves had a beautiful and attractive color. It made my mouth water. You can see how they cooked this food at this video. Hope that you would have a wonderful experience!

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    That doesn't look like anywhere here in North America, more like jungle like over in Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma (can't remember what it's called now)... I tried to watch it but it would stop and load about every 5 seconds, probably my internet as I am satellite, so I finally gave up but seemed interesting. Do we know the plant they used? Does it also flavor the rice?
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    Yeah, the only thing in North America to impart that color that I can think of is Pokeberries, but they're poisonous. As far as color and flavor goes, I like to add turmeric and if I have it on hand, some saffron, garlic and when the rice is done and rested stir in some frozen peas or presoak some lentils and cook them in with the rice and chili powder
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    Tomato's and Peppers for Spanish rice... Soy Sauce for Fried rice... Saffron for yellow rice...
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    How about elderberry? I remember it staining my fingers. Only cooking I've ever seen with them was for jam.
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    They make a nice wine....
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    Dad did that, but he said it was a lot more work than his usual "Ha-wine." (Hawaiian Punch wine)
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