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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by tacmotusn, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Yesterday when Survival Monkey was not available to me, I began exploring the recipe archives at Backwoods Home Magazine forum online. After 12 pages I have only scratched the surface. Others of you might want to explore as well, because obviously I am biased to what suits my whimsy. Your tastes may lead you somewhere else altogether.
    here is the link to the site with quite a large selection of dry mixes of various stripes you can make yourself and save a bit of money. Enjoy !!!
    Bitsys Kitchen | Make Your Own Dry Mixes Recipes
    oh, and here is the link to recipes at BHM.
    Recipes - BHM Forum
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    Thanks Tac!
    (And "GO SQUIDS!" *LOL*)

  3. Dovey

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    That is a great site. I just bookmarked it. Thank you for posting it, I'm having a lot of fun at this new to me forum.
  4. beast

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    BHM has always been a good useful mag
    like MEN used to be
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    Thank you Tacmotusn for posting this site. I have used the cream of anything chicken mixture for years and it is great. I do leave out a lot of the seasonings and season how I want as I'm cooking.

    I mixed up a batch of the chocolate pudding mix and that stuff is wonderful. It's creamy and smooth and has just the right flavor. I can't wait to try more on this list.
  6. tacmotusn

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    My pleasure to be useful to others, and share what I can. You are quite welcome. Enjoy.
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    Bitsy's Kitchen is good value

    Thanks for the links tac, the dry mixes make good bases for trail / camp cooking where weight saving is a boon. The mixes also have reasonably long shelf lives so are good for prepping plans for when commercial wet foods are no longer readily available.

    Edit: Note that the shelf life of a DIY dry mix is only as long as the freshness of the ingredients used when making that particular batch will allow. Using stale, out of use by date ingredients when creating a mix may offer some sub-optimal nutritional benefit, but may be less palatable and perhaps a risk to health that may only be justified if desperate circumstances warrant it. Stale ingredients may perhaps be recycled as stock food if needs must...YMMV.

    When manufacturing and preserving / storing and reconstituting DIY mixes, use the same hygiene and food handling precautions required of fresh food. Keep the mixes out of sunlight in a cool dry place in vermin proof containers. Importantly...label the container with date of manufacture, and a reasonably conservative use by date: This will help with stock rotation and stale stock disposal planning.

    Some persistence might be required to access the contents of the BHM site as they have erected some barriers to spam bots which may also deter casual visitors.
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    Thanks, Tac. That Bitseys looks like a very helpful site.
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    Whoa, that's good find ! *bookmarked for future reference*
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    Bookmarked as well as it is a great reference @tacmotusn!!
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    Thanks for the post. Now i know what to do when my husband's asleep and I can't. And no suggestions from the monkeys, please. I'm a one-man woman.
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    I thought it was a great find when I was doing some research on seasonings......lots of info to play with.
    And no worries.... I was just going to suggest waking him up ;)
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    very nice, thanks for the links!
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