Make Your Own Lumber! The Alaskan Sawmill!

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Tyler Danann, Nov 6, 2015.

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    I got a nice treat from a neighbor a few weeks back, the opportunity to use his Harbor Freight Sawmill!

    It's more than just the chainsaw conversion, but a proper carriage-driven petrol-engine thing with a great hooping sawblade! :D:

    Here's how the machine is used:

    Turning these logs:


    Into beams like this!


    I had a roof to build and got stuck in. This is how the roof turned out with the beam mounted into place.


    Beams, beautiful beams!


    I worked out each beam costs me roughly $3 or so (plus my time to work the mill), compared to about $40-50 each for the price of the beams, plus transporting only about a handful each trip all the way from a big city many miles away. The Sawmill was much closer and saved much time and energy.

    DIY techniques for sawmilling are very much an art, not a science. In the video I try to explain things as I learned and was taught by the master saw miller but it's best to learn by experience as you rip them boards and beam!
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    @Tyler Danann I will be interested to see the construction on the cabin. I also watched your video What I did Summer 2015. You got so much done. Thanks for sharing
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    Thanks Moto!
    Cruisin', that video is pretty epic stuff! Even my Gungnir Log isn't as thick as that pine (3' 1/2 diameter?)

    Last, concluding part of Sawmill Video next!

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    I will be starting a thread shortly...
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    I watched a local guy use a similar portable mill once: he spent a lot of time going over the tree with a magnetic compass, and said that sometimes nails can be a big hazard. How do you deal with them?

    William Warren
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    Find a very good Metal Detector.... Like looking for coins at the beach, only nails are a lot more dangerous to MillWright...

    Wood Mizer.

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