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    We have had lots of threads on the evils of sugar. That horrible refined sugar really isn’t that good for you. But what if you made your own? Below is an article and do it yourself on how to make beet sugar and maple sugar. Please note- I posted a link to trees that you could tap so you can also make sugar from those trees also.

    Back To Basics: How To Make Sugar At Home | Survival skills, survival guns, survival guide
  2. ditch witch

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    CO has a huge sugar beet industry. If they can grow them, I can grow them. Actually I have really good luck with beets so I think this could become a skill that if need be, I can turn into a barter item.

    @ditch witch good luck with the cane. Send me some. I have seen people chew on it in the movies and have always wanted to try it.
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  5. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    I don't wanna grow sugar beets though.

    Actually Texas is something like the 4th largest sugar cane growing state in the US, though it's south Texas. I think ribbon cane is ok for my zone though.
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    DW, a little off-topic, but just how many pairs of shoes do you have?
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    @ditch witch do your stilettos help in garden aeration? ;)
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  9. ditch witch

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    I would not wreck a pair of Jimmy Choos in the garden, not even for the finest Cherokee Purple tomato.

    You know I tried growing Stevia, and did ok with it, but the end result was bitter and not really all that sweet. I thought about doing beets, but our ground is clay and root crops don't fare very well in it. I have beds that are heavily amended from years of adding rabbit poop, compost, coffee grounds, etc, but I use them for high value crops like tomatoes and peppers. That's why the sugar cane appeals to me. I can grow it along the fence line, out of the way, and use the guinea pigs for weed control. Or so I'm hoping.
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  10. Gopherman

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    [tng2] I can't grow Red beets! WAHHH!!! Maybe sugar beets will be easier. I know your just saying that to make me Jealous! [yukface]
    I just pulled all my Sweet pepper plants and sowed about 400 Red Beet seeds, if this doesn't work for me I'm done trying!
    I actually have some that are getting bigger in one of my beds. But I could eat them 3 x's a week. so the 10 I have will not be enough. I watched a video the other day where a guy did this same thing and only harvests the greens!
    Surely I will get some usable beets out of the deal!
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  11. UncleMorgan

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    Sugar with glucose is good. Sugar with fructose is bad. Your whole body can metabolize glucose, but only your liver can metabolize fructose. And if you overload your liver, the extra fructose gets stored as fat around the internal organs. And your liver croaks, of course.
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  12. Gopherman

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    My wife and I bought a Liver Detox Kit and are going to do the 6 Day cleanse. I'm scared :eek: no processed food or sugar! I may go into Shock!
    Watched a video of what the average liver after autopsy looks like and it's nothing short of scary!
  13. Airtime

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    I would encourage folks to read the conclusions of the aggregated research in Dr. David Perlmutter's book 'The Grain Brain' or read Mark Sisson's 'Primal Blueprint' which also is based upon the aggregation of hundreds of research studies to draw a systemic perspective on all this, and then consider if there even is such a thing as good sugar.

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  14. Motomom34

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    You will go into withdrawal. People do have mental effects when they abruptly stop consuming sugar. Same with wheat.

    Also- @Gopherman unsure if you need a kit. You got coffee? how about a coffee enema? 10 Reasons Why You Should Try A Coffee Enema -
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  15. ditch witch

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    There may be no such thing as a good sugar, but I ain't drinkin my coffee black and I'd prefer a natural alternative to the pink packet.

    Plus it helps with the 'shine production. :D
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    Adding this to my garden list.
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    HI @ditch witch, is that you in front of your closet? I love this picture. Killer outfit too.
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  18. ditch witch

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    Only in my wildest fantasies. :/
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    This image just remind me of my wife. She loves shoes, new clothes and regular shopping.
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