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    every time I see a line of riot police or military pushing people down a street I wonder what’s keeping a lot of the people or just some of the people getting in some of the buildings and when the goons go by just come up behind them simple huh but that wont work with simple minds --- sheeple being herded --what’s your opinion
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    I was taught to always flank a police line and take out the end guys first. But, then, my sensei had pretty bad opinion of police, gained through personal experience. I consider it a war tactic, at which point it shouldn't be a personal matter at all. It's just dealing with the enemy. Efficiently.

    Of course, in a full-out battle, even unarmed citizens can put a hurtin' on enemy troops in an urban setting. A few concrete blocks heaved off a five-story roof make helmets a real waste of effort. And that's before the bottles full of gasoline arrive.

    With Molotov Cocktails, the best technique is to toss down a few dozen unlit. Then, when the enemy is standing in a large puddle of gasoline, it only takes one with a flaming wick to get the party started.

    Slingshots work very well shooting on the straight and level. Firing almost straight down, good ole' Gravity gives them a hell of a boost. I wouldn't want to get hit by a ball bearing at near-terminal velocity. Especially in the top of the head.

    You can make a pretty lethal spear out of four feet of rebar and a strip of cloth that acts like fletching. From five stories up, they wouldn't even need to be sharpened.

    I guess, in the final analysis, the good guys should always hold the high ground in urban combat.
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    In one of the scenes in the movie "We were soldiers," Colonel Moore asks himself what would I do if I was him? As a result, he moved troops and a bit later, the NVA attacked there.
    Although I doubt Colonel Moore said it, we can bet he was thinking about what would the other guy do and more importantly what was his counter. IMO, it is wise to focus on what they would do as much as what you will do.
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    Oh, yes! The other guys would have their plans, too. They would probably include taking the high ground first, or denying it to the enemy with sniper fire, etc. Or sending in clearing squads, building by building. Or just blowing the roofs off buildings with tank cannon, etc. All depending on the available resources.
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    But that is also why the police will take high ground, sniper positions ,and have aircraft. They also have at their disposal robotic cameras, stealth surveillance gear, and FLIR equipped helicopters.
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    I do not see that much. I know the nightly news would love to get shots of this but we are now in a digital age and everything is filmed. I noticed during the Baltimore riots there were the police on one side, the people n the other side and camera men in between. Are you asking for ideas on how to ambush the police?
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    It does have historical precedent. That is the purpose of a sally port.
    But I would not recommend that technique. The moment you put a squeeze play on the cops like that the rubber bullets get exchanged for real ones
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