Making a Forge, and Melting Aluminium Cans into Ingots

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    Understand that the can is made of 2 different alloys. 3004 or similar for the body and 5182 or similar for the top and tab. Neither one of these alloys are heat treatable.
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    I have to wonder what preps would need AL ingots. For sure, not suitable for cutting tools. Maybe for casting stuff like slingshots and knife scales? Possible substitutes for lead like fishing sinkers so the lead isn't wasted down range? That would be an interesting pastime, learning how to make molds for the castings.
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    If you could find a way to grind the ingots into a fine powder, aluminum actually makes a fairly decent explosive component resulting in a bright flash. It's used in fireworks. You can order it, but you have to pay a hazardous materials shipping charge just as with propellants used in reloading.
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    Recovered / recycled aluminium can be used to cast a variety of objects, that may not be readily available in austere times.


    Metal casting projectsMetal casting projects

    The Hobby Foundry Site,Metal Casting,Backyard foundry,hobby metal casting,backyard metalcasting,hobbycasting,sandcasting

    Foundry FactsFoundry Facts

    Metal Casting with Your 3D Printer | Make:

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    A 3D printer may be able to make moulds with more accurate dimensions than by sculpting the items.
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    A USMC emblem made out of aluminum is just wrong, man. Steel, at bare minimum. :p
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