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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by RightHand, Feb 8, 2009.

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    The mice have been particularly bad this winter. I have a great mouser, Apollo the Doberman. He stands absolutely still and quiet and waits for a sound or movement then rears up on his back legs and pounces. I've seen him stand motionless for a hour, waiting, waiting, waiting...until the little rodent makes his move. He's gotten 3 this way in the past month and he seems to enjoy the activity. One day, he missed the mouse and it headed for the bathroom with Apollo in hot pursuit. The mouse flew through the air and landed with a big splash in the open toilet. I left it to drown and then sent it on it's final journey into the cesspool.

    This event reminded me of an old farmer's mousetrap and I have been using it with very good results for the past few weeks. I don't like putting down poison because of the pup so this is the perfect alternative.

    Fill a bucket - I use a 5 gal pail - about 1/2 full of water. Crimp cheap, thin, aluminum foil to the top of the bucket and cut a small "X" in the top,

    I smeared the foil with bacon fat and peanutbutter. When the mouse climbs up to eat the food, he slides down through the slit in the foil and drops into the pail where he drowns, Toss the water and mouse out the door and refill.

    I came home last week and found 2 mice in the pail.

    Works great.
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    Cool Idea! wonder if I scale it a little larger? Say over the pool? and bait it with ice-cream? [rofllmao]
    That is a cool way to dispatch the little rodents.
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    What a great idea. I always used a regular wooden snap-trap. I only ever baited it once; as it seems the little cannibals love the tast of their buddies blood. Just empty the trap, reset, and wait for the next one...
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  5. RightHand

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    That is funny. Those are some monster rodents. Mine are only about 1-1/2 - 2" long, grey with big brown eyes. They are really cute.......but they are still rodents!
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    I was tearing apart an old Ford LTD going to do some remodelling and soon as I ripped out the back seat I saw a nest with about four of the little critters in it. I stood and took a minute to give thanks to God for all his creations, then proceeded to feed them to my cat. Best mouse catcher I ever had.
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