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    I hunt hogs here in Florida without dogs and prefer a reliable (remington 870) 12 gauge pump shotgun. There was a time when I might have scrambled up a tree, but alas no more. 60 years old 70 inches tall and 245 pounds. I consider hogs stupid and easy to hunt. Others disagree. Let me explain. 95 percent of the time hogs are going to be doing one of three things. Also they are competitive when in groups. When hunting hogs successfully you have to know some things and do certain things. #1 you should never move through the woods making alot of noise, smoking, or fast, or with the wind at your back. You almost have to have water such as swampy areas, ponds, creeks or rivers. I prefer the first two. You should know the area where you are going to hunt, and where the water is. You should know the wind direction in the area where you are going to hunt before you go there. Park on the downwind side. Wind in your face walk slowly like you were trying to get close enough to kill gray squirrels with a open sight rifle. Stop often and listen. Move into the wind or at times no more than laterally from water hole to water hole. You will most likely hear the hogs before you see them. there are several reasons for this touched on before. It's what makes them stupid and easy. What a hog wants is food and sex. He wants it more than the next hog and he is willing to fight for it. So he is noisy. All this is his downfall. if when you hear the hogs, they are behind you and the wind is in your face, forget it. They are gone, or will be real quick. Their sense of smell is their greatest defense. When they smell you they are going the other direction. If they are in front of you, move even slower towards them. you are moving to the sound slowly. Stop often and listen. If the sound is ever lateral to your direction, you must go back and hope they don't catch your scent. It is key that you approach slowly from downwind. Move mostly when they are making the most noise. Most of the time they will move into the wind as well, because their nose tells them that direction is safe. I prefer 00 Buck shells or 000 Buck shells. Be ready to pick one and shoot fast if something spooks them from upwind. It is a little unsettling to stand by a tree (preferred location) (being able to fly would be better) when 15 to 30 hogs decide to run right over top of you. It is not a true charge and you are relatively safe. They just want to be someplace else, and if they even notice you most will completely avoid you. A sow with piglets might decide she wants a piece of you depending on where her babies are, and the boss boar in the group if he sees you might want a piece of you as well. For the most part they only want gone so pick one and drop it. Either the biggest you see as a trophy (he won't taste that great), or a nice tender hog of 75 to 125 pounds. If you have managed to get within 25 to 50 yards of them, as I often am, then pick the one you want, get within 30 yards and kill it. It's really that simple. I do score on hogs very often. Better than many with dogs. JMHO. I wish you good hunting. Darn, now I have given up almost all my hog hunting secrets. lol
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    Actually have gone out in the hills in NM looking for hogs and want to hunt them sometime. It's usually when I'm scouting dear or elk. I usually get to where they've been after the fact... thanks for that helpful advice.

    It's true btw and I've noticed that they will congregate at a waterhole. They do some rootin' too. They'll tear some stuff up.
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    Dangit tac now I have an excuse to come back to florida, I want to do some hunting hogs with ya. I used to hunt in Arkansas with a S&W 44 mag and I've taken about 6 razerbacks and two backwoods arkansas rednecks with that gun,(just kidding about the rednecks), It was fun when I got to go down there kill'em in the morning, gutted and skinned by noon and on the smoker by 2:00 pm. the next day had smoked pork belly for breakfast smoked ham for Lunch, and smoked pork shoulder for supper,
    Whew doggy that was some mighty fine eatin there. Kinda felt almost sorry for the pig looked like my ex-mother-in-law.............LOL.
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    You can count on the fact that I held back some tricks I know for when all else fails. I gave everyone enough of the basics for them to score most of the time.
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    Well i,ve told these sent-loc fools around here to hunt the wind. If ya do that ya can kill anything. Slow movement and wind in the face is 90% of the battle, i reckon. I,d love ta hog hunt.
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    bout the only thing better than hog huntin is nailen an Elk at 20 yards with a rage broadhead..................both are verry exhilerating moments frozen in time.
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    How close are you to Cumberland lake? Maybe we could work a deal in the future.
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