making free firelighters

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by fish, Jan 6, 2011.

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    link now working chaps! sorry for the fail!
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    Nice! I was taught how to make these in the Scouts! These are a little bulky, but light weight and, as you so eloquently put it, water proof!
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    We always make these where you roll the cardboard up inside of an old tuna can, and then drip the wax over the cardboard. this way it is a bit more contained and can be used as a heater or for cooking food.
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    We use the Sawdust from our LogMizer Mill, mixed with #2 diesel, and paraffin, in empty 1/2# Salmon Cans. Works well for us, up here in alaska. Chainsaw dust works well too, from firewood cutting.....
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    We use paper shredder leavings, paper egg cups, and melted leftover crayons/candle stubs/paraffin, or paper egg cups, drier lint, melted leftover crayons/candle stubs/paraffin for fire starters.

    Load the same mix into leftover tuna cans for the stove/heater (we use the can openers that cut the seam, not the lid and the lids snap back on with no jagged edges). Seal with electrical or duct tape to keep the lid in place et voila!
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    Thank you,the cardboard and paraffin is excellent, never thought of it. Got to try it.

    For years now to start my wood stove I have taken a 5 gallon poly bucket with a lid, filled it with small lumber scraps out of my shop. Add about 2 gallon of diesel and a quart of Coleman fuel, (ignites easier). Let it soak for several months. Softwoods, pine etc. will absorb quite a bit. Empty/reuse any excessive fuel left in the container, put the lid back on and store it outside for safety reasons.

    Semper Paratus
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    Great demo.
    We make ours out of pine shaveings, card board eggs cartons and pour melted wax over the egg spaces filled with shavings. Rip them apart and one egg thing does the job in getting a fire going in the morning.
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