Making natural cord to string a bow drill.

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    I practiced making natural cordage to us with my bow drill as you never know when you might need a skill like this.

    The cord is a very basic twist as thats all that is needed for the bow.

    The plant I used was New Zealand flax[phormium] but you could use nettles or willow bark with the same results.

    First I cut a leaf from the plant and split it into two.

    I then placed the leaf between my thumb and the spine of my knife and pulled it through to remove all the green outer material of the leaf,this leaves you with the fibrous inner part which you make the cord from.

    The next step was to stick my knife into a large piece of wood and tie the cord to it,I then held the other end and twisted it which strengthens the cord.

    I then strung my bow.

    I tested it out and it was more than strong enough to use with a bowdrill,I made two embers and the cord will probably make a dozen more.

    And we have fire.

    All natural materials.

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    Great post. Natural cordage is so abundant...if you know where to look.

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    I think we've seen that block of wood before --- :lol:
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    Its famous that there block of wood.[winkthumb]
  5. Mulberry inner bark also makes some nice cordage.
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