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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Valkman, Aug 8, 2005.

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    If you were going to make the same blade over and over I would have a cad water jet cut out your blanks. They are very accurate and can cut anything. I have a company in Montague Michigan called Leading edge Fabricating cut Diving lips for large crankbaits in my fishing lure Business. He even makes some from Titanium. This guy could cut your blanks for about 2.00 each after he programed the pattern into his machine. Set up is free!!! This would save all that extra band sawing or grinding. here is the link. The owners name is Mark Vanderwest. He even has this section on knife making.Kingfish

    Leading Edge Fabricating | Waterjet Cutting, Custom Fusion Welding, CNC Milling & Turning, Knife Makers
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    For that price I would have done that, Kingfish! When I checked the "knife places" that cut blanks they wanted like $18 per which was way too much for me. You also have to send them full sheets of steel.
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    I am assuming his price is about 2 bucks. He does my diving lips for about 1 dollar each and they are about half as much distance as a knife blade. I am sure he is no where near 18 per cut. He stocks some steel or you can deliver steel to him. Mark does a great job on everything he does. KF.
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    That almost makes me want to get back into it! LOL Not having to profile all those knives would be huge!
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    I wish you would, after handling one of your knives that Minuteman had....I would love to own one.
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    Me, too. I can use another. [aiw]
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    An easy one

    I built this out of crap I had laying in my yard. I just haven't had time to finish up because im restoring an old truck as well. Just charcoal, but with a little help from my air compresser and it gets red hot pretty quick
    IMAG0035. IMAG0036. IMAG0058.
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  9. Wow! That's a great setup for knife making. Looks like you put a lot of thought into building up your workstations. Great job!
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    I've made several nice medieval daggers from lawnmower blades.. excellent spring steel
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    Not possible. There is always a reason to buy tools. I'll figure out what it is later. Right now I'm trying to decide between this tool and that one. Don't bother me.

    Recently my wife told me I needed to go buy a new air-compressor and some framing and finish tools. I tried to talk her out of it, but lost the argument. QUICKLY!! (Before she could change her mind. Gotta love a good wife!)
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    There is a company near me that I got a quote of $2-4 per blade for waterjet time.
    Most places they charge you per time unit of the jet running with materials and setup being separate
    not a bad idea if you are going to be doing a production run
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    Just out of curiosity, have you thought to create a survival Monkey edition blade for the monkeys here? That might be right popular.:cool:
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    I was reading up on a thread of using old Saw blades as stock material. Biggest issue I found was finding these old blades....
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    Good 'ol Valkman doesn't make blades any more, but I know I speak for a lot of folks when I say I will always admire some of his works I do own. =) And who knows? Maybe if we keep asking he could get back into it one day...
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    Now that is a shame. Is there perhaps a thread showing his work? Finished models?
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    Yes, there is. Do a search on "valkman" in the blades subforum, plenty pix. He's now making grip panels. Pretty crafty fellow.
  18. Forge making question: is there a thread on this anywhere? Can't seem to find it. If not, can I throw some firebricks together and use an oxy-acetaline torch with a heating head to start? Or is that too primitive?

    Also, after tshtf, does anyone have info on a billows-run forge? My grand dad used to have one when I was a kid....
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  20. Thanks! Should have read through more.
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