making pine pitch

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    How to Make Pine Pitch

    Feel free to add other useful ways to utilize pitch.
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    Thanks Guit

    Thanks for the link, Guit. It looks like an interesting exercise for a weekend when nothing much is happening. I know a few likely trees that might be exploited for pine pitch.

    THe process kind of reminds me of the process that my mother used to follow in making wood glue for household use. She used to collect the resinous exudate from some stone fruit trees that we had in our backyard. AS I recall it, the glue worked very well. THAt was in the 1950's when big box hardware stores weren't even a faint blip on the then relatively new radar of those times. In those days you often had to make your own stuff. My mother was a constant source of amazement to me as a young child with her improvisations.
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    I use the unrefined product straight from the tree to stick playing cards on the tomahawk target and to start fires. I've never cooked it down like that, but it does sound interesting. Could make unique Christmas gifts for folks with fireplaces.

    I wonder how resistant the finished product would be to blowing out? I'm thinking feet per second on an arrow tip. Hmmmm? ;)

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