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    I just got back 2 electronic form ones I sent off about a month ago to make 2 silencers.
    Buying a silencer and putting it on a form 4 takes around 330 days, so by the time you buy it, the dealer to dealer transfer goes through and you send off all your form 4 stuff it will likely be over a year from the time you buy it to the time it's living at your house. I have 3 pretty nice center fire pistol silencers in NFA gulag. If I'm lucky I will have them before 2021.
    Hell I have a specter2 (which is a rimfire silencer) I have been waiting on the dealer transfer paperwork for 2 or 3 months. Some how there was an F up and the wrong specter2 got sent to my dealer.

    I say form 1 any simple silencers you want. Such as for 22LR, blackout, carbines, AR15 silencers and buy the higher end stuff like maximum style with recoil boosters such as the silencerCo ospreys, gemtech SFN for something weird like the FN 5.7x28 pistol, stuff with moving parts for delay blow back pistols.
    And form 1 for all the easy stuff.
    I had 3 designs to chose from.
    The easiest one to do is the big ugly mono core design. It's retard proof. All you have to do is drill out the end cap. Maybe not as retard proof as an oil filter silencer but those are definitely crap. Mono cores are known for being light and having loud first round pop unless they're huge.
    The second design is the inverted cone it's cheap light and effective.
    The third design is the traditional k baffel they are heavier and tough.

    I went with a dirt cheap probably made in china cone solvent trap for 22rim fire and a much nicer high end $300 k baffel solvent trap for gas operated and blow back 9mm guns. It's going to be my 9mm carbine silencer. Still need to drill it out.

    The cheap one actually works really well. The threads on the end cap are a little loose so I punched out the baffels a little bigger than I wanted to but it still works really well. It's definitely quieter than my 5 inch mono core gemtech. But this cheap one is about an inch longer and weighs twice as much as the gemtech.
    So you can get a very effective silencer for a 22lr for under $50.
    I used to keep my gemtech screwed on the end of my Ruger mk4 pistol under the seat of my car, now the gemtech is in the gun safe on a 22 rifle and my cheap silencer is stuffed under the seat of my car.
    Now you have no excuse not to have one, unless you are a prohibited person or live in some god forsaken shit hole where they're banned.
    I will update when I figure out how to drill out the k baffel one. I need to barrow a lathe.
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  2. Ura-Ki

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    Actually, I have e-filed a few high powered cans, easy 30 day turn around, and all I had to do was carve a SN in the body of each and drill and mill to get them working! THIS is how the stupid system should be, and NOT the way they purposely drag it out! NOTHING in the ATF rules or made up laws says they should sit on the paperwork for 11 to 13 months, they just do it because some dumbass congress critter or other politician demanded they impose the wait! A right delayed is a right denied!

    I use the K baffle designs for my smaller units, and make from scratch the Maxim baffles for the larger high pressure units!
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  3. Gator 45/70

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    So, Yall do you're own engraving and not farmed out to someone with a machine?
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  4. Ura-Ki

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    I can engrave my self, but most have to farm it out! Some places can/will do it, many will not! Need to shop around! I use a high powered electric engraving pin with a print stencil so I can get the required depth!
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  5. Tully Mars

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    So I take it your K baffles weren't center marked during production. A lathe would be nice if that's the case. You can lay them out by hand and center drill or punch them. If you take your time you can get them close enough since you will be drilling over size. All of mine are made on my lathe/mill but a good drill press with a x/y vice will work.

    I have a buddy that's a custom knife maker. I Cerakote some of his blades and he does my engraving. He bought a kazillon dollar CNC machine for his knife business.

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  6. oil pan 4

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    There's a pre milled mouse hole in the k baffels makes it pretty much impossible to land a hole dead center through the baffel even with a drill press.
    I could have bought their $75 drilling fixture but I was being cheap and wanted to save $75.

    I think I'm going to form 1 high powered silencers too.
    They're just too damn expensive, I don't want to wait a year and they're simple with no moving parts. So might as well.
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  7. VisuTrac

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    where is the link to these kits you can acquire so you can do a form 1 on it.
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    I heard for years the NFA handled tens of thousands of silencers. Then some time around 2010 to 2011 it shot up to 100,000 per year and by 2016 it went up to 400,000 per year. Then in 2018, the last year I can find numbers for they did over 700,000 form 4 silencers.
    That doesn't include sawed off shot guns, short barrel rifles, DD or AOW.
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  9. oil pan 4

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    I got my nice high end solvent trap off quiet bore dot com.
    The cheap one came from gun broker.
    The quiet bore comes as a kit ready to drill, they have a 22LR, 5.56&30cal, 9mm and 45. Buy the drilling fixture if you can't get it on a lathe. Most of the parts are aluminum.
    Another nice one is solvent traps direct dot com, they have exotic materials, lots of different lengths and tube diameters, "build your own Lego silencers" by mixing and matching different flash hider and muzzel brake quick disconnects, k baffels, cones, blast chamber lengths, recoil boosters, but they are always out of parts. I'm pretty sure the blast chamber has to be finished on a lathe to get the length of the stack right.
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    ALL of the application papers sit in an "In" basket on one end of a flunkies desk, they sit there until said flunky gets around to searching Yours, and then approving it and moving it to the "Out" pile, where it sits again until the out pile is bigger then the in pile, then they cash your check and eventually mail you your stamp and approval papers! With E-file, it works more or less the same as the Instant BGC, it clears in a matter of min, but some asshole has determined to stretch it out 30 days, as a form of "Waiting Period" same as the regular paper form's, illegal, but nobody in power has challenged them, so they get away with it!
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  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    I don't see any pictures of your work ?? So is it happening ?
    Pictures or it didn't happen ;)

  12. oil pan 4

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    When you send a paper form 1 they open them and cash checks or charge your card right away.
    Paper form 4 take up to a month to get raided for money.
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  13. Dont

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    Anyone have some machine drawings or sources for drawings? I have the machines.
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  14. oil pan 4

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    Quietbore dot com has fairly detailed drawing of their products.
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  15. Tully Mars

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  16. Tully Mars

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    Buy a 1/16" or 3/32" center drill that we normally use in a lathe or mill. Chuck it up in your drill press. Lined up properly it will drill out your detent-"mouse hole" so that you can follow up with the proper size drill bit. If you haven't already, it is well worth the money to get new bits and that x/y vice-especially as you mentioned wanting to do more than one unit. If the vice you get doesn't have cuts for round stock milled into the jaws get a set of aluminum jaw inserts that do-again well worth the money spent and they are cheap.
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  17. AD1

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    Thanks for the heads up. This sounds like fun in retirement
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  18. AD1

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    What do you put in 4B
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  19. oil pan 4

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    4B type of firearm to be made?
    Just put "silencer" because silencers by them selves are considered weapons.
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    Has anyone done a mag light conversion?
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