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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Feb 17, 2014.

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    When the CT legislature was voting on the Connecticut Gun Control Act late last winter, Mike and I spent the day at the state capitol talking to the legislators and other manufacturers. I was one of only a couple of women actively supporting the constitution. All of the other women were just as vehemently supporting a complete and total ban on personally owned firearms.

    Because I was a woman, and a woman advocating the right to bear arms, the reporters seemed to pick me out of the crowd. I spoke to all the print reporters and was interviewed by all 4 TV news programs attending. One reporter even followed me around during the day and did a mini-"a day in the life of an activist" piece for his paper.

    The Connecticut gun registration is not going well for Connecticut's state government with the vast majority of gun owners choosing not to register their firearms or their magazines so the issue is front and center in the news again.

    In yesterday's Hartford Courant, they devoted an entire page to the issue and they resurrected one of the pictures of me that had appeared earlier in the year.

    I guess its official. I'm a "gun loving radical female activist" rather than a citizen trying to protect the founding tenets of our nation

    My main questions is why am I the exception? Why aren't the rest of my gender working to protect the the rights and limitations that will govern the lives of the generations to follow us?

    01 Hartford Courant.
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    Two words.....lazy journalism

    I need a new spectacles prescription.

    Convictions usually don't require much courage unless one is in the minority: Chelloveck
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    And such a "Cute" SpokesPerson, as well.....
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    Good job Dee. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.
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    The Silver Fox strikes again...... fighting the good fight. Keep up the hard work.... unfortunately only the minority are concerned enough to stand out in the street and be heard....wish it were more but we have what we have, to fight with and ensure our rights our maintained and not infringed upon. And maybe at a point some others will realize they need to stand up and be counted as well.
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    IMHO, because you asked, I would say it is because females of the species are more likely to have a protector close at hand. That protector most often is male. We as males feel it is our duty to fulfill that role as protector. Females of the species also seem to spend more time with the young of the family. If they also have that protector, then they might deem themselves safe (even when the protector is temporarily absent). When due to the news, or real life exposes them to threats which scare them, they want that warm fuzzy feeling of being safe. They want their protector or the government to reassure them and convince them that all is safe and okay. So it is for the children! Keep in mind that statistically, only one in three or one in four households are armed. Those unarmed households expect local, state and federal government to protect them. It's a stacked deck, with the sheep outnumbering the sheepdogs, and don't forget, the wolves want the sheep unprotected also. Last but not least, the majority of the population has no clue as to the Law of the Land, or the Rule of Law. Too many people of any gender have a clue as to the way of the world and the threats that exist around us every day. They choose to live in their minds in a naïve la la land of total peace and harmony that does not exist and never will. When disturbed they clamor for the government to protect them. Fools all. JMHO. You are unique and true and aware Dee. Be proud and loud, and stick to your guns. So, when the heck are you moving out of Connecticut?
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    Its always with dismay that I hear women categorized as damsels in distress needing and expecting protection. But, unfortunately, the number of such women is steadily growing because they don't challenge themselves. It is another indicator of a society that has allowed itself to expect someone - anyone - to jump in and rescue them and it is as true of men as it is of women. But, as a women, I am ashamed of my gender when they actively participate and ultimately promote the mindset of helpless victims.
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    Dee, Don't be ashamed of your genders actions or lack of. I went back and made BOLD that of which I said that was totally gender neutral. Sorry if you thought I was aiming it all at females. Tac
  9. RightHand

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    Not at all Tac. I understand exactly what you said and meant and I am just sorry that our society is traveling this path to dependency, both males and females. Its just that I expect better from women! LOL
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    Momma Bears of the world Unite!

    We (me and my protector ;)) went to a rally at the capital. There were women there as well as men. Overall, small numbers.

    It's a sad state of society; they think Surely someone else will do it. Pffft.
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