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    Why are people mean/angry towards certain groups (e.g., soldiers, Christians, patriots)?

    I posted this in the Shoutbox this morning....why would these people act this way? A month ago, I posted another link on stewardesses making a soldier in a wheelchair cry. Why?

    Is it because they are truly trying to protect the feelings of the other groups? Or, and more likely, do they just NOT like the group they are making jump through hoops. And they're doing it with malice.

    Here's the best explanation I've seen in a while about why people say they are honorable and patriotic, yet do the exact opposite.

    Plucking The Yew: When Malice is Obvious... Call it Malice Not Stupidity!
    When Malice is Obvious... Call it Malice Not Stupidity!

    This piece at Max Velocity got me riled a bit. Instead of posting a long and winded reply over there, I thought I might expand my thoughts on my own page.

    His premise is, never attribute malice to that which can be explained by stupidity. I respectfully disagree.

    Malice: the desire to inflict injury, harm, or suffering on another, either because of a hostile impulse or out of deep-seated meanness. Malice is a legal term referring to a party's intention to do injury to another party. Malice is either expressed or implied. Malice is expressed when there is manifested a deliberate intention unlawfully to take away the life of a human being.

    ATF agents facilitated the smuggling of weapons to the narco-gangs in Mexico, not out of stupidity, but malice. FBI agents murdered eighty people at Waco, not out of stupidity, but malice. Vicky Weaver was shot dead, not by a stupid man, but by a malicious one. The MOVE families in Philadelphia weren't firebombed and killed by the City's stupidest. Leftist members of Congress continually attempt to disarm the peaceful and law abiding, not because they are stupid, but because they are full of malice, hatred, and a burning desire to control every living being on the planet. The Department of Homeland Security (God help us, I never thought I would utter such words) is buying Two Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition, and it isn't because they are stupid.

    If any man works for an agency, the function of which is a violation of his oath of office, he cannot say he is on the patriot/constitutionalist/liberty side. He cannot say he's one of the good guys. He cannot say he will do the right thing when the time comes while doing the wrong thing now. He will not be able to hide behind the defense of "just doing my job..." when he is tried for crimes committed on duty. He cannot say, after the fact, that he didn't know his agency had an anti-constitutional agenda and purpose.

    He might look himself in the mirror every morning and ask, "Am I honoring my oath?". If he doesn't ask, the answer is no. If he asks but doesn't answer, the answer is no. If he answers "No, but, but, but..." the answer is no. If he tells himself he'll do the right thing some day, the answer is still, "No, I am NOT honoring my oath."

    If he can go to work day after day doing the job he chose, in defiance of his oath to support and defend the Constitution, he is not and will never be on the patriot/constitutionalist/liberty side.

    He may mouth the words, but his actions define him.

    Police Officers, I am not anti-cop. I am anti-bullying, and anti-thuggery. I am very much in support of Constitutional Peace Officers. If you think that makes me anti-cop, you have just defined yourself. No one WANTS to believe you are all bad guys. Most of us want to believe the MYTH that you are all good guys just trying your best to do a tough job with little appreciation.

    If a mere mortal, you know, a "civilian", brutalizes or murders someone, he will be arrested and jailed, and when convicted, punished and wear a scarlet letter as long as he lives. A cop on the other hand, if he brutalizes someone, kills a person unnecessarily, or violates any of a slew of laws which would get a mere mortal "civilian" arrested and charged, he will most likely get a pass. His gang will protect him. Eric Scott, Kelly Thomas, Oscar Grant, Michael McCloskey, and Jose Guerena come to mind. There are hundreds of others. Good cops, if they were in the vast majority, would police their own ranks to such an extent, that bad cops would be extremely rare, but they are not. They are common. Do you think Lon Horiuchi was taken back to the team room at Quantico and beaten to a pulp by his fellow Hostage Roasting Team members? Did he immediately retire and find another line of work? Did he turn himself in for prosecution when he was charged, by a grand jury in Idaho, with manslaughter?

    How many videos are there on Youtube of citizens being harassed by cops for exercising their natural right to open carry a sidearm? Hundreds? How many opportunities have there been in those situations for the "good cops" to tell the bad ones, "Hey Joe, you're steppin' on yer dick. I think you need to make a phone call..."

    How many videos are there of bad cops brutalizing citizens, because they want to, and they know they will get away with it? Hundreds? How many opportunities are there in those situations for the "good cops" to tell the bad ones, "Hey Joe, you're gonna have a seat in the back of my cruiser and you and I are gonna take a ride down town..."? (CATO: The same goes true for any group--blacks, Muslims, politicians. If the leaders of the group would stand up and say what constitutes bad behavior (e.g., saggy pants, out-of-wedlock children, suicide bombers, lobby $$) and then vilify it, you would see values change.)

    One might see the firing of the first shot at Lexington in 1775 (most likely a British officer firing his pistol into the air) as an act of stupidity. But the march out to confiscate cannon, powder, and shot along with any small arms to be found, was an act of malice.

    One might see the firing of the first shots at Waco (most likely the killing of the dogs near the front door) as an act of stupidity. But the planning and initiation of a Raid on a peaceful community, was an act of malice.

    The time is near at hand. Will we live as free men? Or will we swallow the red pill and go back into the Matrix? Will we go back to sleep believing the myths while struggling under the yoke?

    Is your Slave Master nice?
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    I don't think I'm going too far out on a limb by saying I think the left and this current administration are antagonistic towards the military and Christians. Here is but one example: antag.
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    I could respectfully disagree about the Christians part, or as a non-Christian, I could say that they had it coming, but both are inaccurate and mean-spirited. Christians don't have it coming just because the vocal ones are judgmental and narrow-minded (there's more going on than gay rights, so please don't focus on that). I could go on about how both the left and the right are doing their best to screw everyone under them, but we all know that. I'll keep it short and say that I agree with you in the generalities, and in specific on the items you have mentioned, but that there are many, many shades of gray. Nothing in this world is completely black and white.
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    Great combination of headlines, Cato! A prime example of how O's using yet another "crisis" which HE manufactured to get the results wanted.

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    Apples and Oranges here folks. Yes it is a trend for certain areas, but in this specified set of cases, one is Federal Action, and the other is State of Colorada action. ........ as I said, Apples and Oranges.
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    Very true, but the theme remains: taking from one group, usually more deserving; and giving to another group, usually less deserving.

    These are just but two examples and you all focus on the semantics.

    The OVERALL trend of this country is following bringing down the top to bring up the bottom. That won't work--never has, never will. Those at the bottom are usually there for a reason.
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    You would never get a Libtard to say that. They are going to save those people (right) even if it means ruining everyone.
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    Unfortunately, they will arrange things so they aren't in the class of "everyone."
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    Of course they won't be in that class. They aren't 'everyone', they're 'someone'. That makes them different. (sarcasm intended)
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    Socialism is for the people not the socialist.
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    Yes, I agree with you. Malice, hate, envy, jealousy, etc. motivate a lot of the class, race and religious warfare going on.

    The dim party survives only by instigating hate and jealousy of their voters.
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    I disagree. The reason they are cutting into DOD so hard is so they don't have to cut back on things like federal education grants to the states.

    Where do you think Colorado is getting the money to run their universities when they are not charging people enough tuition to cover the actual costs?

    The federal government is putting strings on their money and blackmailing the states to advance their agenda, and that makes it look like the states are doing it on their own.

    Google the federal department of education HEP and TRIO programs.

    I am not saying its right wrong or indifferent, what I am saying is they are both apples because the money comes from the same tree.
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    Again, the point is that there's a lot of MALICE today towards people who do not agree with liberal values, Keynesian economics, socialism, utopia. Forget the example if it distracts you from the point of the article.
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    I think some of it is also just an attempt at demonizing and morally degrading those with non liberal views. Typical communist tactic before gun confiscations and mass genocide.
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