Man drives across U.S. in 29 hours

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    Sounds like great fun..
    Atlanta man shatters coast-to-coast 'Cannonball Run' speed record -


    He went into preparation mode about 18 months ago and chose a Mercedes CL55 AMG with 115,000 miles for the journey. The Benz's gas tank was only 23 gallons, so he added two 22-gallon tanks in the trunk, upping his range to about 800 miles. The spare tire had to go in the backseat with his spotter, Dan Huang, a student at Georgia Tech, Bolian's alma mater.

    To foil the police, he installed a switch to kill the rear lights and bought two laser jammers and three radar detectors. He commissioned a radar jammer, but it wasn't finished in time for the trek. There was also a police scanner, two GPS units and various chargers for smartphones and tablets -- not to mention snacks, iced coffee and a bedpan.
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    Just another likely organ donor. nothing to see here, move along. (I see idiots like this on the road every day. Knowing they ride from coast to coast, will not let me sleep any better.)
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    I have done San Diego to Gainesville Florida in 33 hours driving time with an 80 dodge d-50 (Mitsubishi actually) 4 cylinder .... pulling a 25 ft MacGregor sailboat on trailer. I did it in 3 legs of 11 hours (11 hours included bathroom, food, and gas stops) as a sole driver. Breakfast was before I got behind the wheel and time started. Supper was after I pulled into a motel and ended the 11 run. Got a good nights sleep before I started, both nights on the road, and after I pulled into Gainesville. I did speed 10 to 20 mph over the limit, got no tickets the entire way. It was no stunt, and was perfectly safe. I don't remember the exact mileage, but the average was around 65 mph over the 33 hrs so about 2145 miles or so. NYC to LA is a much longer run.
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    I went from Seattle to Marquette Mi in a 1980 4 cylinder am radio, non a/c 4 door ford fairmont, during summer.
    Damn car could hardly hit 60 mph. 36 hrs after leaving. I vowed never to do that again.
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    LOL, when 16 we left west Texas, crossed NM, and well into Arizona while mom and dad slept. They would ask occasionally if I was doing the speed limit---I was--limited to all it would do--about 125-130. And occasionally someone would pass me--1963--long time ago.
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    I left Ft Bragg, NC and travelled to San Francisco.... only took me two weeks. I had to stop in MS, OK, NV and SOCAL to visit old girl friends... hell of a road trip and I smile right now thinking about that run....
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    Took my bud and I two days to get back(get over) from NO and the Madi Gras. Had to stop in Atlanta for a day to clear our heads a bit. That was our last fling of bachelorhood--we both were married the next year and the gals settled us down. That was 40 yrs ago.
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    My Dad used to talk about non stop run between duty stations from San Diego to Norfolk. Spent too much time with carousing prior to change of station and was racing clock to report on time. This was in 50s so no National speed limit. I had no reason to doubt the man ever as we moved house cross country several times in well under 4 days with 5 kids, 2 dogs, a huge UHaul truck and double axle trailer and a Country Squire station wagon
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    Ahhhhhh.. The memories... Of a tired old truck driver...
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