Man electrocuted in wire theft attempt

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    LA CENTER, Wash. (AP) - A passing motorist stopped his car when he saw smoke coming from a Clark County PUD regulator station in La Center, Washington.

    The motorist saw a body on fire inside the fenced area.

    Clark County Sheriff's deputies and the Woodland Fire Department arrived, but due to the dangers associated with the live electrical wires the units had to wait until the power could be shut off. Then the fire was then put out.

    Deputies found a hole cut in the fence and discovered the deceased was not authorized to be inside the area. He had attempted to cut a live wire leading to one of the regulators. The electrical lines carry 7,200 volts of electricity.

    It is suspected that the man was attempting to steal the copper wire for money.

    The name of the deceased is not being released until next of kin can be notified.
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    Stupid hurts!
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    Darwin nominee #1.
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    Well, this wise guy got just what he deserved. At least he didn't take anybody else out of the gene pool when he left.

    Copper theft has been a big issue here in Memphis, stealing the coils and entire condenser units from houses and churches. Geesh, they even have been stealing the pipes out of new construction homes!!!

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