Man, I'm fallin to pieces here.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackjack, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Blackjack

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    Ok, I feel like complaining, and since you "monkeys" are my only friends, you have to be the ones I complain too.

    I've been very healthy my entire life, involved in athletics for most of it, I've had lots of stitches and a few broken bones, but never a major illness and never have I spent the night in a hospital.

    So now I'm 39 years old.... 6'3" and 255. Yes I'm overweight, I used to fight at 165 and 178 up to the age of 22, and even at 28 I was only 205. Most of the weight gain came in the last 10 years since I quit working out.

    Several months ago, I injured my back pretty bad and haven't been able to work. A couple months ago the doc tells me I have high blood pressure. Now today he tells me I'm diabetic. I've never had a long term prescription in my life, now I have 4 and a little machine to check my blood sugar every day.

    I feel like their stickin pins in my voodoo doll.

    At least the diabetes isn't real bad... no insulin. The doc says if I lose about 50 pounds I might be ok again, so I guess I've got a lot of dieting ahead of me.

    Any other diabetics? I know I'm supposed to avoid sugar, but what else helps.
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    Blackjack, let me tell you my story; about 4.5 months ago I was almost tipping 400lbs. Most people didn't believe I weighed that much. I'm 6'5" and carry it pretty well. So I'd had enough of being big and my mom had just been diagnosed with diabetes due to being overweight in April, long story short I decided to do something about it.
    I manned up and went to weight watchers. I follow the point system and the only WW food I buy is their yogurt, other than that I eat normal food, just healthy. I was determined when I started in June to exercise 5 days a week, so I began walking a 3 mile loop every morning. I now have lost 108lbs and feel wonderful. I've got another 55lbs to go to get to where my doctor and I feel would be a healthy weight. I have a clean bill of health, for which I am grateful. The thing I like about WW is that I don't feel like I'm on a diet, it's more of a lifestyle change. I've never been hungry on it because I try and eat about every 2-3 hours. WW has the point system and the core plan, that would be perfect for someone with diabetes. You should really look into it. I know your back gives you fits but there are plenty of ways to get in exercise; swimming, biking, walking etc. I do at least an hour of exercise mon-friday. Unfortunately trying to lose any significant amount of weight and keeping it off without exercising is like try to make a gun go bang without bullets. Good luck and if you need anything let me know.

    As a side note, my mom has lost 60lbs since April by eating a low carb diet.
  3. Brokor

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    I'm afraid that I can't be a whole lot of help...but I do know a few things about dieting and losing weight.

    The best thing I have found, is aquatics. Go swimming as much as possible, and for at least 1 hour each time. Do some basic exercises in the water, then gradually increase the workout. Swimming will increase cardio and help you lose weight fast.

    The other bit of help is to drink juices and water, no soda and crap like that. Eat a bit of fruit at lunch, and try to balance your meals by eating several small portions throughout the day, instead of three really big meals. For instance, I generally eat a light breakfast, and have a V8 drink. I eat a sandwich and a fruit cup for lunch, and a nice dinner. Now, before dinner and after dinner, I will snack on a few wheat thins or trail mix. I drink plenty of water, and .5 liter of juice every day.

    Anyway. I lost twenty pounds this way, and I have to constantly do this or I will quickly gain weight. Since I can't swim where I am, I am forced to run. This doesn't help the same way, so I spend 20-30 minutes almost every morning on a cardio (ski machine) aerobics thingamagig. Whatever those things are called. Maybe I will spend a few minutes beforehand in the sauna, too. Losing weight is never easy, and it takes constant work as you get older.
  4. sheen_estevez

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    My brother "had" it a few years ago, he was tipping 300 lbs or so, when he went to the doctor his blood sugar was around 800 + they put him in Intensive Care right away, he was on 4 shots a day for the first 6 months now nothing, he cut his weight down to under 200 and has been eating healthy, seems to be working.

    I just had all the standard test, cholesterol is up, blood sugar is up a bit, just at my threshold for weight, by a pound. It sucks starting to get old!
  5. Tracy

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    1. Exercise increases insulin sensitivity big time.
    2. Timing of carbs can be beneficial. Our body’s are far better geared for dealing with carbs earlier in the day. Nearer the evening eating large quantities of carbs are more likely to find their way into fat cells. Timing some of your daily carbs after exercise is a good idea.
    3. Combining a small amount of fat with carbs will slow digestion reduce the insulin response. The same with fibrous foods.
    4. Adding protein to a carb meal makes the muscles more responsive to the effects of insulin and reduces fat cells responsiveness. This is GOOD.
  6. Blackjack

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    So... how am I supposed to get excercise?
  7. ghrit

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    Dunno the extent of your back problem, but working the great muscles of your legs and arms against static resistance is one way, if body movement is out. Do like the astronauts do while parked in a chair for days in orbit. Tense the extensors and flexors simultaneously against each other, do as many reps as you can. Step up the beat, and you'll get some aerobics in as well, all without moving an inch.
  8. Quigley_Sharps

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    I broke my back 3 places and my neck at the same time.
    There is nothing I cant do now, it will get better.
    Can you walk? If you can just walk as much as you can.
    Or if you can ride a bike.

    Its a simple formula for weight loss burn more than you take in.
    What ever it takes to make that work.

    Diet and some form of exercise will more often than not, wipe out diabetes and high blood pressure.
    Are you a border line high blood pressure person?
    When I broke my back the first exercise they had me do in physical therapy was aquatic exercise and before too long I was swimming.
    Walking was the next step and I kept going up from there.
    Its time to cut out the real salt, butter, milk, mayo, sour cream, soda, watch out for products with high fructose sugars, they pile on the pounds fast on you.
    An high fiber diet will help control fat absorption.
    Oatmeal , Oatmeal, Oatmeal
  9. Blackjack

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    I can walk, it just starts hurting after a short distance. I'll just keep doin it and I'm sure it'll get better.

    Yeah, both the BP and the diabetes aren't real bad

    NOOOOOOO! It's not Fair!!!!! :cry:
  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    I gave up all the real stuff years ago, its not that bad if you change one item a month out.
    I can’t stand real salt now, it taste too strong.
    I figured change it out now, and later on life it will help in the end game.
    Good Luck BJ on the turn around on your health.
  11. NVBeav

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    I was also diagnosed with type II diabetes about 2 years ago. Since going to an "alternative" physician, I feel much better than I did -- a lot better. The guy I'm seeing wrote the following book: The Type-2 Diabetes Breakthrough: A Revolutionary…@@AMEPARAM@@

    Basically, it's up to you to control what you eat. I went from 195 to 155 pounds over about 10 months by eliminating only "one" thing: "white carbs" -- sugar, flour, rice, etc. There are also supplements that can help, but 90% of the problem is eliminated with the eliminiation of fast-burning carbs.

    That blood-sugar tester is a great tool. If you're so certain that whole wheat bread or fruit won't elevate your sugar levels, test yourself... you'll be very surprised at what hits your sugar levels and what doesn't. That little tester can help save your life.

    Diabetes will kill you. It's a slow, agonizing death. Take the necessary steps now before it's too late.

    PM me if you want a list of things that I eat. If you're Type I diabetic (taking insulin), some of this still applies, but your shots are your life and can't be neglected.

    It sounds like there is a lot of good advise here -- weigh everything carefully because it's your life that's at stake.
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    Just my two cents from my experience a few weeks ago.... I was in the middle of the Klamath National Forest at a ranch for about two weeks. That place helped drill one thing into my head that I lack. We all here claim to be "survivalists" but one reality was drilled home during my stay at the ranch. (very remote 26 miles from nearest phone). I don't have the ONE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL FOR SURVIVAL.....mobility. I was winded after only a quarter or so mile of going uphill. Granted it was steep near 45 deg but still.... If I needed to hunt or evade be in a real "survival" situation I would be dead in the water gasping. I now realize that my two feet and being able to use them properly is the single most important survival tool I lack. Being badly out of shape I cannot keep claiming to be a "survivalist"

    How many of us "survivalists" can actually cut it if the shtf ? Hit the gym, hills, track whatever... lets get our survial tool back (feet) and get back in fighting shape guys. I just did the taquitz peak hike 10.5 miles and 3k foot altitude gain. I'll get back in shape soon... hopefully stay in shape this time.
  13. Tracy

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    Blackjack; try not to think of it as "fallin' to pieces". Call it like I do: My warranty must be about to expire. ;)

    Keep smilin'! It'll all work out... Look at your support system!! Giggles and prayers[angel] sent your way!
  14. sheen_estevez

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    My Dad had double bi-pass over a year ago, in addition he has a degenerating spine so he can hardly walk from his chair down the hall to the bathroom. He was in rehab and they had him work on a machine like this one

    It did help, maybe you can find something that can be used somewhere like this to start, then work your way up little by little, as they told my dad about his back, it's going to hurt but you need to get the exercise or it will only get worst.

    Good luck to you
  15. hartage

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    Maybe an example might help explain things..... It is your choice like it is my dad's choice. My dad is 81 and is not in the greatest shape but then again he has chosen not to push himself. Another lady a friend's inlaw is 94. Up untill she was 91 she walked 2.5 miles to the beach swam out to a buoy .5 miles out, and walks back home. She did this every day till she was 91. She is in better shape at 94 than my dad is at 81. It is all a personal choice. You chose not to work out past 10 years...... Well you can chose (with your doctor's advice) to work out again and slowly get yourself back in shape. Diabetes will worsen with weight but will also improve with less weight. You have a long ways to go till 81 or 94. Plenty of time to get in shape again however slowly and feel like you used to. But it is a personal choice. I'm 35 by the way, if I don't make certain choices myself my health keeps on going down the tubes. All you have to do is make the choice to push yourself just a little bit more. Just enough so to start going uphill rather than downhill and you'll be fine. Good luck to you.
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