Man Pulled Over On Way To Murder Boss

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Silversnake, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Summary, Cop states he pulled a guy over for doing 112 mph. Suspect reportedly has firearms in his vehicle and clippings of the Aurora shooting. He reportedly has an illegal full auto rifle at home. He allegedly freely admitted he was on his way to kill a former boss at the time of the traffic stop.

    What a coincidence if you believe in that kind of thing. I don't.
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    This guy was evidently really pissed off at his boss or just a moron, not sure which. Either way he burned himself and I am okay with that. If you were going down the road to wacking your boss, I think a bit more discretion would have been appropriate than 112 MPH. Might as well set up the machine gun and go down hard in the bosses drive way if you feel that strongly about it. [gun]

    I think Grhit has it spot on and it smells like a bunch of wackos coming out of the closet all at once- make you wonder about the UN gun ban on days like these- tin foil hat is on!! [stirpot]
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    I have to take the flag down. I've seen it in another location that is credible, just haven't been able to find it again. How the sam hill that guy was allowed out of the home, I'll never know.
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    I think it is still the moth to the flame syndrome. Some of these wackos sit on their butt stewing over something and finally snap when they see how much attention another wacko is getting. Next thing we will be discussing is copy-cats in the next few weeks.
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    Next, people will be theorizing the movie, The Dark Knight Rises actually has some type of coded CIA mind control message that makes these people flip out. I don't think this is the case myself, but I also can't entirely rule out the possibility.

    And I just realized the fact that I have "The Joker" as my avatar, from the movie series. Hrm...
    Fixed that odd similarity.
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    Its OK Brokor we know your stable
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    Crap- I was staring at your avatar thinking about mind control and I woke up with a bowl of ice cream. Looked again at your post and the avatar changed. [werd]
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    I know, right? I am amazed at how easy it is to alter people's perceptions --the entire Batman theme is strife with hidden clues about the world today, from the crime world to international banking and government conspiracy, and more. Now it's going to be labeled a fantasy cult series, and any who are deemed "unstable" might just have a fascination with its message.

    Tell me the first Batman, (Batman Begins) didn't have some seriously spooky message about destroying society and murdering innocent people -because it did. Ra's Al Ghul was wealthy, heavily into Ninjitsu and mind control (two areas I also specialize in study), and wanted to change society because it has become too corrupt and worthless. He represented the global elite and the radical changes that would be necessary to start over by reducing the most common problem to a non-issue.
    The sentiments in the movie should not be lightly taken; as we approach the final hour in a world seemingly gone mad ourselves, there are striking similarities. Sanity, religion and society itself are called into question, and the media loves to capitalize on any and all themes which can bring them a profit, both politically and financially.
    I am not a fan of the Batman movies, and the only one I can point to and claim to have some understanding about its message would be the one I just mentioned. Some folks will just say, "bah! this doesn't mean anything. It's just a stupid movie and people are impressionable and stupid, too." But, they forget that corporate Hollywood has become the primary socialization tool of the world and the productions which are derived from it are sometimes questionable (at best).
    But we also see a noble side to the darkness throughout, and we shouldn't focus on the elements which are sometimes most prevalent.

    We see that the movie does contain the exact opposite of what the media claims is the focus for loonies and unstable psychopaths.

    I guess we often only see what we choose to see.
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    Funny you should say that...I can smell the linkage here:

    Notice the "undated" photo of the guns taken from the man in Maine. Question: if you're going to whack someone, why do you need all that he had in his car with thousands of rounds of ammo. He must be a really bad shot. I think that Ruger MkIII would've done the job....that FN?? C'mon...don't you want to let him know it was you?

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    Maybe he meant that he was going to the range to become a better shot then was going to kill his boss?....

    Improvise, Adapt, Modify, and Overcome. FTM/PTB
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    Who takes guns to murder someone without taking the magazines out of the packaging and loading them ?

    Those are H&K magazines and I don't see an H&K on the table.

    This looks very strange and suspicious to me.
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    It's about creating the illusion of NEED, folks. The FEAR has already run its course --it is as certain as the air we breathe. Now, all that needs to be done is for any "authority" to be notified and the men in black will show up, ask questions, detain and arrest, harass and imprison any slave they choose. Now, it is a CRIME to even SPEAK (so be careful what you say and type). This is Orwell's vision, and this is the all powerful police state rolling out to "serve and protect". Remember how much YOU need THEM the next time they kick down your door. Who knows, YOU could be next?

    It's Hegelian dialect in motion, the problem has already presented itself (long ago) with the slow buildup of security and tactics which were incrementally employed in the airports and state buildings around the country. Now that the people have become accustomed to being routinely questioned, groped, screened and detained, it's only a matter of expanding the program. THIS IS HOW IT WORKS...

    Whenever a feeble-minded (average) American becomes scared, or even suspects another person of being hostile --the police are called. EVERY case that can be handled WILL BE with the most serious measures. Anybody seen with a gun (even concealed carry if it is seen) will be fingered and reported. Imagine the number of times people will have to explain themselves. There is no drain on resources, some will claim the police will be over-extended, but that is hogwash. The police exist to collect revenue for their corporation, to arrest and persecute the serfs. And what's wrong with hiring more? The private data collection (FUSION) centers spy on the people and use that information to track and trace suspected "criminals". If you aren't purchasing ammunition locally with cash, you are certainly throwing up caution flags. This will only end up spiraling out of control to the point in which we are ALL suspect and completely within the realm of GUILTY until proven innocent. How many more cases will we see of people who simply OWN guns being arrested? And the claims of these people making threats (may or may not be real) --it doesn't matter. If you own guns, YOU ARE GUILTY anyway because you have an opportunity to do harm. Tom Cruise and the Precognitive assembly would not be surprised one bit.

    Let's hope the NRA and other pro-Constitutional groups can cut this campaign OFF before it gains too much steam. If this gains too much momentum, the REAL lunatics and gun grabbers will have their victory before anybody can say "FREEDOM".

    And just as soon as the public starts to forget the Colorado shooting --there could be another to once again firmly plant the thought in the minds of those who thought they were safe. Of course, the concept of defending yourself never makes headlines, no...only the stories of murder and gun toting idiots and the police who saved the public from another possible bloodbath.
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    Not the smart ones, anyway. The rest, however? I think you know as well as I do that this campaign to promote the protectionist police state will succeed as long as good people continue to do nothing.

    But, anyway. Nothing new here.

    Purchasing more guns may seem helpful, but when is that line in the sand going to be crossed? When the confiscations begin? Before or after gun owners have been singled out and steadily eliminated? A few dozen more crazies shout obscenities and threats, prompting another series of arrests? Neighbors turn in the lonely guy down the street who owns guns and doesn't have a darling wife to parade around and look normal? Perhaps after the next President announces the UN will take over some terror cases instead of our own courts? What about routine searches and seizures at every convenience store, movie theater and restaurant? I am not aiming this at you, I am just saying --guns don't do any good without the conviction to stand your ground and say, "NO! YOU CAN COME NO FURTHER!" We are fighting each other, not just the police and the politicians and the media. Of course gun sales are going up, but it's going to be the same percentage of gun owners buying them for the most part. What we need are more gun advocates and less government intrusion, and after each and every incident like this Colorado shooting, we get fewer advocates and more intrusion. Sure, the sales have gone through the roof since Obama Soetoro gained the seat in Washington, and we have grown in numbers and seen more registered CC permit holders. Now what? Now we can only sit back and read the news while even more draconian actions force each of us to be careful what we say and who we say it to. Now we are even more deeply settled into a corner with the media categorizing pretty much every one of us with the crazies who murder innocent people. Enough is enough, we need a voice of our own. We need to gain the support of our neighbors who are all too pliable and open to media suggestion.

    We must find a way to fight back without force or this is only going to end very bad.
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    Bokor, It IS going to end up VERY badly.... It is just a matter of Time..... My Opinion.... YMMV...... Brokor
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