Man sticks chainsaw down shorts in Port St. Lucie

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    Looks like a Stihl, I paid retail for mine who would have thought I could gone to jail and paid a fine with no saw to show for it.

    The over and under on old Anthony being a meth or heroin addict?

    For the record, it is possible to stick a chainsaw down your pants.

    Surveillance video released recently by Port St. Lucie police of an Oct. 28 shoplifting incident clearly documents the trouser phenomenon.

    Anthony Ballard

    The accused chainsaw crook came in Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment in the 1800 block of Southwest Bayshore Boulevard and reportedly asked for $1 worth of change, according to a police report.

    He picked up a Stihl chainsaw valued at more than $600 and left, riding away on a bicycle.

    Surveillance video shows him calmly stuff the saw down his shorts and cover it with his shirt.

    The saw does not appear to be running at the time.

    Employees chased the man, later identified as 28-year-old Anthony Ballard. Ballard ultimately ditched the saw in a wooded lot along Southwest Molloy Street before he got away. The saw was recovered, and police searched the area but couldn’t find Ballard.

    Man sticks chainsaw down shorts in Port St. Lucie
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    We only catch the stupid ones
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    Correction fedorthedog, the stupid ones catch themselves ;)
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    I see a need for remote control start-up for chain saws in the near future!
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    For the ladies,

    Is that a chain saw in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

    I'll go away now....
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    Maybe he just wanted a rip-roaring good time?
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