Mandatory DNA sampling threatens constitutional liberties In

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    Johnia Berry was murdered in 2004. Her parents asked then state Sen. Ron Ramsey to consider working with a national DNA database to assist in a stalled investigation. He introduced a bill mandating collection of DNA samples from those arrested for violent felonies. In addition to Tennessee, 23 states have adopted similar legislation.

    This year, Ramsey, now Tennessee's lieutenant governor, wants to expand mandatory collection to persons arrested for any felony via TN SB 257. Supporters contend this collection is no different from the photographing and fingerprinting to which felony arrestees are currently subject.

    Detractors appeal to the Fourth and Fifth amendments to the U.S. Constitution and question requiring citizens to surrender a part of "their person" for a criminal case which might "[compel him] ... to be a witness against himself" as well as being deprived of his "property" without "due process."

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: ... z1Lh88sv1V
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    Just another step in the total control of the people of this nation. Again a step in the wrong direction. KF
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    Am on the other side of the fence on this one. You are "government property" when convicted of a felony until the sentence is carried out. There is a stat that says..80% of all violent crimes are done by repeat offenders. Another is that 80% of all convicts are repeaters. That shows two things--the penal system is not functioning and the ones there have been or will be back again and again. Since prisons are not "correctional" systems anymore but where inmates reside until they get out to commit more crimes then certainly take those DNA samples.
    I am appalled by gub into our private lives but these animals need to be stopped anyway possible.
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    I have only one "Nit" to pick on this subject, so Here goes. First, in our type government, we are to be considered "Innocent until Convicted, by a Jury of our Peers" PERIOD. So, in my judgement, without that Conviction, no DNA, Fingerprints, or other BioMetric samples should be COMPELLED to be given, Period. If that makes it harder for the Police, to bad. That is our RIGHT, as Free Citizens, of this Country. HOWEVER, once Convicted, one loses any claim, to many Civil Rights, under our Laws and Statutes. Therefor, If such a BioMetric Collection Statute or Law, was to be enacted, then absolutely, the information should be collected, and entered into a Nationwide DataBase, PERIOD. I also believe, that should a Convicted Person, rehabilitate themselves, to the extent that they can convince, another "Jury of their Peers" of that fact. Then they can have certain of those lost Civil Rights, reaffirmed to them, as the required Statute, would so state. We do this with Gun Rights, and Voting Rights in some States, already, and I feel that this is a fair and equitable option for those, who by their actions, show they are truly rehabilitated. As part of that Law, any Second Convicted Offense, would negate, any reaffirmed Civil Rights, for that offender for the rest of His/Her Life, Period. It is a Once Only DEAL. You mess up again, it means you can't be trusted, and that is the end of your Civil Rights, Period. My Opinion.... YMMV.....
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    i feel that once you are convicted of a serious crime
    your civil rights should be limited
    afterall, animals really have no rights
    and people that cant follow the simple rules of civilization
    are no better than animals
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    In a society of law abiding individuals, I would agree with you; but I, for one, am willing to sacrifice a few of my civil rights to put some animals behind bars. I'm not saying that you're not right. I'm just saying that we don't live in the kind of world where we can enjoy all of our civil liberties without someone paying a terrible price. A little more liberal use of capital punishment would reduce the recidivism rate, and reduce the tax burden of keeping them locked up. Then, maybe we could all enjoy our civil liberties.
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    I see where most you are coming from but as far as the prints go if you have broken the law and I meen on a good sound charge. By us being able to print them and send them in could help solve old crimes. I arrested a guy about seven years ago on felony burglary after printig him got a hit bout a week later the prints matched a case in another state. The case was about 6 years old this 30 year old man had raped an 83 year old woman and beat her 79 year old husband, then stole their vehicle. Now as for the DNA I think thats going a little far except when it comes to child molesters or people that sexually assault the elderly I would vote for a computer chip to be implanted in them or better yet after trial to be taken out infront of the courthouse and shot.
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