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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Mindgrinder, Feb 7, 2013.

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    We have had close to 3 hundred dogs though this house, in the last couple of years, as we assist the dog pound with dog placement for adoption, transports to other states for adoption, pet seizures due to terrible conditions, dog fighting, drug houses being shut down, heartworm positive dogs that must have bed rest for 30 days as they are medicated, and primarily puppies. Puppies born at the pound die as a rule. They have no more immunities than mom when they're born, and they catch EVERYTHING. Every dog though here gets chipped. It can be read from a hand held scanner at about 2-3 feet at most, and give shot record, ownership, address, phone, ect, to get the dog back to his owner when he gets out. There is nothing sinister about chipping them, and cost about ten bucks at most, takes a minute to insert just under the skin on the back of the neck, it is very safe.
    It allows an animal control officer, to scan an animal at the scene of a biting, and know if a rabies series will be necessary for the victim. If they can't find the owner, or the records tag (collar missing. very common) they must start the shots fairly quickly. They are not pleasant, and they are not cheap. Chipping makes a great deal of sense.
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    go chip yourself and your kids kell.
    stay off my lawn and away from my dog.
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    deleted... it no longer matters...
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    Actually, your dog has had quite enough of your heavy drinking, and is disgusted with the taste of Kale, and claims that even the taste of his own a$$ will not kill that taste. He is worried enough about you, he wants to borrow our chipper, and make sure you can be brought home safely next time, without the drunk tank. He only wants what is best for your well being. He plans to wait for your next binge, and zap you in your sleep. Don't worry, you'll never feel a thing....;)
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    Picture's ?
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    Naw, he didn't want to leave paw prints on the lens again...;)
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