Manganese Phosphate Parkerizing

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Seacowboys, Jan 18, 2007.

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    Getting ready to try my hand at this. I bought a stainless steel tank that holds six gallons; it's 40"x6"x6". I modified a gas grill into a heater that should distribute the heat fairly evenly and avoid any hot-spots. I got plenty of manganese phosphate solution and a SS thermometer to monitor the solution temperature. I have a fresh-water washing vat and another for dunking in WD-40. I just bought a blasting cabinet and several sacks of garnet. I have a mild slightly alkaline detergent for degreasing wash and plenty of naptha. I have a roll of stainless wire to make hangers for parts, chemical gloves. goggles, ventilation I missing anything? Maybe I can talk one of you into sending me a gun to try it out on before I attempt my new STG58? :sneaky:
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    SC, I mentioned the in-house we have done and certain problem. Well....we've solved the problem (The "we" is by association only - Mike Sadlak actually solved the problems - I merely helped execute his ideas).

    Here is the sequence we are using with excellent results:
    Pressure clean with air
    Heat the parts in boiling water prior to parking
    Park at 180 deg using distilled water with the parking solution
    Bathe parts in clear water

    There is very little resulting "gunk" as were were previously experiencing but if the threads aren't sharp, we clean them with hot, soapy water after parking, then oil.

    The results have been great - perfect finish.
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    Thanks, RH. I am glad you mentioned about mixing the solution with distilled water, I probably would have used tap water and I understand that the chlorine can cause problems. I plan to boil the parts in a mild detergent solution prior to phosphate.
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    is this a flat gey "parkerizing?" the 18" barrel I bought was blued, my el-cheapo 870 express is remingtons flat finish;I was goingto use it as is but ... perhaps we could work something out( for just the barrel)...
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