Manual Grain Mills....any ideas?

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    I've had the Wondermill Junior Deluxe manual grain mill in my Amazon wish list, like, FOREVER. Finally had a chance to build up some Amazon gift card balance, to where my actual out of pocket expense would have only been ~$70 (normal MSRP, on Amazon, has been up around $285, for this mill....and well worth it, from all the positive reviews for it).

    So I'm about the go ahead and order it.....and it's out of stock, with Amazon saying they have no idea when it might be back in stock! :eek::rolleyes:(n)

    Man, if it weren't for bad luck! LOL

    So....anyone got a suggestion, for another brand that would give me the same performance as this mill would? I'm not really in any hurry, so might just wait a few weeks, to see if they come back in stock....but I'd like a good idea of a back-up, just in case.

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    Our Grain Mill is a Sone Grinder Attachment to our Industrial KitchenMaid Mixer.... Works like a Charm, on bread making Day...
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    Well, the idea WAS to utilize the Amazon gift card balance I now have, to make the purchase. ;)
    Plus, it appears that you cannot buy directly from the company, as all they do is list dealers to purchase from.

    I tried a couple of grinders, similar to that one, and never could get one that had all the parts in the box! Always seemed as though there was some part or other missing, and I'd return it. Got tired of having to stop by the UPS store, to drop off the returns!! :rolleyes:(n)

    Thanks for the tips, though! :D
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    You're right! I never clicked on the Buy Now link... It takes you right to Amazon!! :ROFLMAO:
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    I own a WonderMill Grain mill, two hand crank backups and a Kitchen Aid attachment. The WonderMill is by far the best. I will run in on solar power and do without lights if I have to rather than hand crank.
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    I bought a Country Living Grain mill after reseaching them, good quality item
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    if you're going to using this mill regular - not just setting up a SHTF equipped mill ops - you want one of the better electric mills that are eazily converted to a manual crank or pedalpower - and/or an alternative motor like a 12V battery ops ....

    ran across these husky bastards awhile back - they don't show up often in advertising ....

    Grinding Mills – GrainMaker | Made in Montana Grain and Flour Mills
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    Or you can go Indian style and use a metate .
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    Brokor if you buy the mill with motor, can you turn it by hand also
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    Yes, the motor part is an attachment and is also sold separately for that model mill.
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    History of technology always proves what takes the most work to live a "civilized" life. Rowing a boat and walking cross country thru the woods must be the biggest pains. Roads and sail boats go way back, but water power to pump water, grind grain, and saw wood go almost as far back. Seems like most old towns are in walking distance to the ruins of the old grist mill, etc. Use electric powered mill now, have used hand mill and never found one that wasn't a lot of work. Have 3 put away in caches, can honestly say that while they work, Corona for one, I didn't mind putting them away for some time when I or some one bartering wouldn't be more desperate.
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  16. I know this is about store bought mills. But? What if you don't have one or lose it? and can not buy one? The files below are from my Library on making your own. In a SHTF event its good to know......

    Attached Files:

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    Seeing that breads are more filling than life sustaining ,I'm not much interested in making bread in a post apocalyptic world.
    As an example , I discovered that if I eat the typical cooked oatmeal for breakfast 7a.m. it takes me till 10 or 11 am ,but if I eat oatmeal like cold cereal it takes me well into the day well past noon .
    Our bodies live on living tissue.
    Dead sale tissue turns to sludge , not beneficial. It is why we have so many circulation issues in our bodies from processed foods /non foods.
    I refrain from over cooking my food even bacon. In fact I like the bacon mildly cooked and my streak medium rare, the rarer the better. . I like shredded vegetables because the shredding makes chewing and digestion simpler and faster. assimilation more effective.
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  18. DKR

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    Milled wheat can be used to make Bulgur.
    Bulgur - Wikipedia

    Bulgur: An Overlooked Healthy Grain-Food...and Bulger Pilaf Recipe - Nour Zibdeh

    Available from Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods. if you want to try and don't have a mill.

    Edit to add

    The difference between bulgur and most types of wheat flours used in many packaged products is that bulgur hasn’t been stripped (or “refined) of its bran and germ, which are where many of the nutrients are actually stored within a whole grain. Bulgur is usually sold “parboiled,” which means a very small amount of the grain’s bran is partially removed, but it’s still considered a whole grain by the USDA and the Whole Grains Council.

    In the U.S., most carbohydrate foods that are processed and packaged contain “refined” wheat flour, which has a high glycemic load. Wonder bread = bad stuff.

    A one-cup serving of cooked bulgur wheat has about: (3)
    • 151 calories
    • 8 grams of fiber
    • 6 grams protein
    • 0.5 grams fat
    • 1 milligram manganese (55 percent)
    • 58 milligrams magnesium (15 percent)
    • 7 milligrams iron (10 percent)
    • 8 milligrams niacin (9 percent)
    • 0.2 milligrams vitamin B6 (8 percent)
    One important thing to clarify about bulgur wheat is that it does contain gluten, as all wheat-containing foods do. Gluten — the protein found naturally in all wheat, rye and barley products — can cause digestive issues for many people, especially if they have a compromised digestive system to begin with or poor gut health
    But note that gluten is the protein part of the above equation.

    We store ('pure') black beans and rice for our primary Chow load and have wheat to round things out. Some whole wheat bread goes a lot way to lower menu fatigue issues.
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    The country living mill pulley is sloted to allow a belt and motor drive
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  20. Have you checked out Lehman's web site?
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